A Grand Retreat on Gran Canaria Holidays

A Grand Retreat on Gran Canaria Holidays

The ‘Continent in Miniature’, glamorous Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands of Spain. Known for its volcanic black and white sand beaches, this canary island welcomes the world tourists with warmth and charm.  The dramatic landscapes covered with lush green vegetation make picturesque memories on holidays. However, the hidden villages in the verdant valleys and gorgeous gorges tame the fantasies of life. Guarded by the mountains, the south of the island enjoys more sunny days free of clouds and storms. Furthermore, the historical places and the annual carnival at capital Las Palmas capture’s every eye on Gran Canaria Holidays. And there is an annual film festival to entice with glam and sham.

Whether one goes on a nature tour or on a boat trip, Gran Canaria just grips.  Most importantly, the island is a haven for hiking, cycling and water sports. Finally, whether it is a summer or a winter, Gran Canaria never fails to pamper.

Visit the Vegueta Quarter in Las Palmas on Holidays to Gran Canaria

Founded in 1478, Las Palmas is the largest city of the island and the capital of Gran Canaria. Indeed, this is a wonderful place for the expats to start the holiday journey on the island. Visit the Vegueta Quarter to explore the buildings of the past on Holidays to Gran Canaria. Built-in 1497, the Cathedral with Gothic interiors and neoclassical exteriors is a prime attraction in the old square. Later, discover the great voyages of Columbus in Casa-Museo de Colon museum along with children. Here, the exhibits explain the historic maritime role of Las Palmas. Finally, introduce all the three models of Columbus ships La Niña, La Pinta and the Santa María to the kids.

Furthermore, the mummies, ancient artifacts and ceramics in the Canary Museum will explain the age-old traditions of the island. Finally, relax in the peaceful Jardin Canario’s Garden. It is a fantastic stop to spot several species of plants. And also, a great place for postcard-perfect pictures on a holiday.

Explore Prehispanic World at Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park

Located at the center of Galdar town, Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park is a perfect place to go into the times of the prehispanic world. The painted cave by the ancient people is the most famous attraction in this site. Discovered in 1862, this cave has several fascinating paintings of the ancients. And also, there are corpses, pots and other utensils of the ancient world. Importantly, booking a guided entry is mandatory to explore this museum.

A Memorable Walk to Maspalomas Dunes and Beach      

 Housing several ecosystems along with lovely La Charca Lagoon, palm groves, and dunes, the Maspalomas Dunes & Beach is a protected nature reserve on the island. It is indeed a paradise for the birdwatchers. And also, the 19th century Maspalomas lighthouse still guides the ships in this region. However, one can even have a memorable walk from the Playa del Ingles beach to this lighthouse. Above all, the spectacular pictures of Maspalomas Dunes & Beach are used to advertise the island and attract the tourists.

Buy Souvenirs from the Local Markets on Holidays in Gran Canaria

Visiting the markets on a holiday is certainly a great pastime and also an interesting way of knowing the local people and produce. Gran Canaria has beautiful markets  with lined up stalls filled with local produce, handmade goods, clothes, and jewelry. However, these markets provide a great atmosphere to buy gifts and souvenirs to take home. Visit the Sunday market at Church Square in the beautiful town of Teror. This is a perfect market to buy fresh local produce as well as the famous spicy local sauce.  The Friday market in Mogan is another exceptional place to hit on for shopping while embarking on Holidays in Gran Canaria. In fact, many of the tour operators arrange an excursion to visit this place. Apart from shopping in the colorful market, Mogan is famous for its majestic marina. Away from the market, Mogan provides serenity and peace at its whitewashed houses, colorful gardens and lively music.

Bow to the Volcanic Soil for the delicious Gran Canaria Gastronomy

The rich and delicious cuisine of Gran Canaria is straight from the sea. However, there are several influences from the travelers who stopped on this island over the centuries. Gran Canaria maintains the freshness and flavors of the food in its own style. But, the delicacies of fresh fish and seafood taste divinely delicious on the island. However, the traditional Mojo Picon sauce is extensively served with various dishes on the island. Above the culinary skills, the rich volcanic soil is the reason for the delicious tastes on the island. And also, the wines of the island taste divinely delicious and remind the volcanic origins.

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