How You Can Make Your Next Move In One Trip
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How You Can Make Your Next Move In One Trip

How You Can Make Your Next Move In One Trip

Moving in one trip will take more planning and work, but ultimately be much simpler in the long run. Once you know the size and dimensions of your new home, you can decide what will fit and what has to go.

Make a Map of Your New Space

Take grid paper and sketch out your new space. You need to know the square footage of your space and to have a solid idea of your access points before you start planning what to take into your new home. For example, if you have a wonderful bed frame that will not fit up the stairs to your new home, you either need a downstairs bedroom with enough space, or you need to sell the bedframe before you move.

Such planning can be a bit painful from a distance. However, moving something that might not fit is a waste of your resources. If you cannot be certain that a sofa, bookcase or king sized box spring will make that corner or fit through the front door, selling it before the move is your best option.

Repurpose What You Own Into the New Home

Once you have the new layout in mind, take a look at what you own and consider using it in new ways. If you are downsizing, you may need to get rid of a bedroom’s worth of belongings. Unless you have the time to post and sell the items, look for organizations that include moving with the necessary donation steps to save you time and hassle.

However, if your new home has space for a dining room buffet, a pretty chest of drawers can serve that purpose admirably. A trunk with a cushion can become a window seat, or a seat in the foyer for shoe removal.

Declutter, Donate and Sell

If you have not already been bitten by the decluttering bug, now is the time. Start with deduplicating your possessions. Go through your kitchen cupboards with a box for donating and a plastic tub for keeping. Load your favorite cooking spoons, pancake flippers and wine bottle openers into the bin. Put everything else into the box for donation to a family shelter or another helpful organization.

Once you are in donation mode, you can start decluttering in earnest. Enter your bedroom with another bin, another box, a white trash bag, and a black trash bag. Go through closets early in the day when your decision making powers are the strongest. Load stained or worn garments in the black trash bag, items for donation in the white trash bag, items to sell in the box, and items to keep in the plastic bin.

A word about selling: If you have to move quickly, selling can be a challenge. Try to find a consignment shop or an online consignment such as ThredUp that will allow you to ship your items to them. Selling individual items on a platform like Mercari or Poshmark means you have to hold onto the item, which may not be feasible.

Use Suitcases to Best Effect

For each member of the household, pack a suitcase containing:

  • their pillow
  • a towel and set of bedding
  • pajamas
  • a couple of sets of bedding
  • toiletries for the week

With these items, your loved ones can all get to the new house, bathe, make their beds, and sleep in fresh pajamas. Put the most tech savvy person in charge of a backpack loaded with charging cables and electronics necessary for personal use, and load another backpack or briefcase with important papers like insurance documents, birth certificates, and deeds or titles.

Make The Move Smoothly

Making plans to successfully pack up only the items that you can use in your new space will greatly reduce your moving stress. Once your possessions are successfully pared down and packed away, hiring a service to ship your car will lower your travel stress. These services can be found with an easy online search such as “Ship my car to Florida”, and will save you and your loved ones the hassle of making multiple trips across state lines to ensure your vehicles and possessions arrive with you safely. All you will need is to get your airline tickets, check your bags, and fly!

Your cross country move can actually be quite simple with enough planning. A final tip: Color code all the rooms and use colored dots on all the boxes so the movers know where to put things. Because moving trucks can get warm, make sure you add tape over all the dots.

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