The must to be places in a travel to Sicily
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The must to be places in a travel to Sicily

The must to be places in a travel to Sicily

Do you want to discover the most breath-taking spots in Sicily? Great! Then read carefully! This article is for you.

These very famous words by the German writer J.W.Goethe well describe the idea that Sicily has always been one of the most appreciated destinations in Italy, both for Italian and foreign travellers.

Sicily holds inside its borders more than 25% of the historical and cultural heritage of Italy.

Moreover, its natural spots represent a great attraction for those who love going to the sea during their summer holidays and also, for those who love sport activities and natural parks.

We have to say that Sicily is one of the widest regions in Italy, so it is necessary to plan accurately the travel in order to admire the so-called “must to be places”.

It is not easy to make a selection (we want to specify that is not a chart) but we will try to give you some hints to let you live the “Sicilian dream”.


Palermo is the Regional Country Seat and it is a fascinating mix of different ages and cultures, passed in thousands of years old history. 

This city is painted by colours, perfumes and traditions shown through majestic squares, beautiful theatres, amazing churches and noisy and crowded open markets.

Also, the typical food is a mix of different traditions transmitted by several populations and it is characterized by the street food factor. The most famous examples are “panelle and crocché” (fried chickpea flour in square slices and delicious potato balls) and pani ‘ca meusa (bread with spleen) for the bravest stomachs. 

Palermo and its Arab-Norman Itinerary, crossing the city but also Monreale and Cefalù towns, is inscribed in the World Heritage List (UNESCO) since 2015

Cefalù – Palermo

This small town near Palermo is faced in front of the Terranean Sea and it’s one of the most picturesque and characteristic places in the island.

The beautiful Cathedral is part of the Arab-Norman Itinerary, World Heritage Site, together with many other sites in Palermo and Monreale Cathedral, sharing in common with the last one an amazing Christ Pantocrator and beautiful mosaics.

Cefalù with its Medieval wash house, its small alleys and balconies in front of the sea will give you amazing memories and postcard shots.

These two spots are for sure the highlights of Agrigento City, land of the very important writer Luigi Pirandello.

They are very different destinations but both of them are essential stop-overs in the Sicily discovery.

Sicily Tour Cefalu

Turkish Steps is one of the most particular beaches in Sicily, a bright white cliff shaped as soft waves steps sinking into the sea. Every year this beach calls thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The Archaeological Park Valley of the Temples, World Heritage Site since 1997, is such an important archaeological area both for extension and for the conservation state of the Magna Graecia proofs.

Admiring the Temples dedicated to the gods of the Hellenistic Age give the chance to live a travel in the past, most similar to a dream than reality.

Catania ed Etna

Catania is the second city in Sicily for extension and population and holds one of the most important airports in Italy, that’s why most of the travels to Sicily usually start and end right there.

It is a city very different from the others and this is given by the presence and the proximity to the huge volcano Etna. 

The visit of Catania City in fact is strictly bound to the visit of the volcano, that the citizens call “A Muntagna”, that means The Mountain or “Mom Etna”.

Right as a mother with her children, this impressive volcano that is high 3340 meters observes the city at her feet, smoking continually from her constantly active craters on the top.

This amazing volcano enriches the landscapes of Catania, the city where the famous Italian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini was born.

Land also has typical delicious food such as “arancino” and “granita with brioscia”.

Its historical centre is a World Heritage Site and the peculiar things you will notice are the unique Baroque Style and the black and white appearance, given by the alternance of basalt rock, gift of mom Etna, and the white stone coming from the near Syracuse. 

We always recommend visiting the places with a local tourist guide in order to get the right information about the amazing spots rich in culture and history.

Etna is one of the most important highlights in your travel to Sicily and to really enjoy your visit we recommend the best Etna Excursions Agency named Etna Est, with professional and friendly nature walking guides!

Come to Sicily and you will fall in love with this amazing island!

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