Things You Can Do In Dubai Post Desert Buggy Adventures!

Things You Can Do In Dubai Post Desert Buggy Adventures!

Dubai is travellers’ favourite stopover destination while coming to or going out of UAE. But, that’s not all. The place attracts a good number of tourists from all around the globe too who come there to try different adventurous activities including desert buggy adventures. Dubai is an incredible place to be at, and the buggies are going to take your trips to just another level.

However, dune bashing is not the only thing that you can do in Dubai, there are a lot more things you can do. You are there to enjoy every moment, isn’t it? So, you should have an idea of sufficient options so that you can keep yourself occupied throughout the day without feeling bored. Anyway, we are not asking you to skip buggy adventures Dubai completely. You can go a buggy ride first and then do the other things, so let’s start from dune bashing.

Dune Bashing In A Dune Buggy Rental Dubai 

Dune bashing comes among the best activities you can enjoy on a Dubai trip; there is no confusion. So, next time, when you are on in Dubai, make sure to get a buggy for rent in Dubai and start exploring the desert like you won’t get to do it again. A good buggy ride is going to live with you forever; every moment is special, every view is incredible. Most of the companies, nowadays, offer pick and drop services if you book a buggy with them. So, all you need to do is, book an off road dune buggy Dubai and leave the rest to them. It, indeed, is a good trend. It’s time saving, and saves a lot that you would have to pay otherwise in booking cabs and reaching the venue.

Try Sand Boarding 

Why just bash dunes, when you can roll down them? Isn’t it a good idea to feel like flying down once you get enough of buggy ride? It actually is! Changes make thing interesting; and you don’t need a skill for boarding a skate. If you have never done it before, you can start from a smaller dune and feel great. The thing is, you won’t have to balance yourself for too long as the distance will be short. Also, it will give a completely different experience in between or after buggy adventures Dubai. In case, you fell down the skate, don’t worry; the soft, caring sand will be there to receive you with all the love!

Desert Buggy Adventures

What About A Camel Ride? 

After hours of extreme dune buggy Dubai ride, won’t it be great to relax yourself over a camel’s hump? Imagine feeling enough of that mechanical vehicle and then switching to the most natural ride! It will be relaxing like anything, isn’t it? A camel ride makes a desert safari complete, they say. And, it’s not logical to visit a desert and not ride a camel. Though, you won’t be able to keep yourself as engaged as you were able to do while riding an off road dune buggy Dubai, it will still give you a peaceful feeling and a sense of folk culture of Dubai. For the people, who have never tried it, a camel ride is going to amaze you.

And, A Tent In The Heart Of Desert! 

So, after you are done with the ride, what’s next? Are you planning to get back to your hotel as soon as possible? You may do, and this is what usually the tourists do. Most of the tourists don’t have an idea of the things and they tend to rush to their hotels. Wait! There is still something you can’t give a miss. Try exploring Arabic culture in a tent after an extreme dune buggy Dubai session! The environment will be enough to mesmerize you with its charm and beauty. You will get to watch beautiful belly dance by local dancers. Arabic food, on the other hand, will be there to satisfy your cravings. A tent offers a night full of stars, breathtaking belly dancing, henna painting, delicious kebabs, traditional Tanoura shows, and if you are lucky enough, you can get yourself clicked with a falcon.

And, there are a lot more other options!

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