10 Proven Key Statistics That Show the Importance of Responsive Web Design 
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10 Proven Key Statistics That Show the Importance of Responsive Web Design 

10 Proven Key Statistics That Show the Importance of Responsive Web Design 

An almost complete monopoly of smartphones that serves almost every study, work, and business purpose has put desktops in the shade. It is like the difference between cinema hall screens and smart televisions. Imagine a painting on a grain of rice. Phones are like that. Along with easy portability and far reduced costs and hassles, why not enjoy all the facilities conveniently? Over 70% of the customers use mobile phones and in some countries like America and England, the percentage is about 95%. Estimates think that over 7 billion phones exist today. The solution is responsive web design since businesses are not going to design two websites for desktops and smartphones. Costs would be very high besides the double work involved. Plan further for Responsive Web Design Services in India.

Responsive Web Design Services in India

1. An abundance of digital tools and resources

Enjoy the digital bonanza that flourishes at breakneck speed, bringing up wonders every now and then. Many of these easily copied tools cost nothing though you need to know the procedures and technicalities. In the task of creating responsive websites to boost business revenues and create a world of goodwill, consider online resources like Bootstrap and Wirefy, Invision, and UXPin. Reviews and ratings show the way forward. The task of responsive website creation is getting more interesting and adventure-filled.

2. Significance of responsive websites

Responsiveness essentially means that websites can adapt to a variety of gadgets like desktops and laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Each of them has a different screen size and technical differences too. What happens to static websites of the past that cannot adapt? Web searches will fail to show up on the websites. Visitor numbers will plummet and customer retention cannot happen. If the website is not visible to many users, what happens to business revenues and sales?

3. Keeping in tune with the times

Forget about those days only decades ago when only desktops served the purpose of browsing. Today, it is a vastly different situation. Internet searches happen mostly over phones, strange as it may sound. Tablets and laptops also provide an easy search facility. As gadgets have become smaller, more refined, and affordable, it is a sweet success story for manufacturers and customers too.

4. Responsiveness decides client opinions of websites

In order to attract clients and loyal customers, impress them with responsive websites. Agreed that many factors matter like creativity in design, images, and videos, primarily, but standards have risen. Clients refuse to browse or buy from a website that is not responsive. Difficult navigation and slow loading time and visitors have departed in moments. Believe it nor not, visitors fail to trust or build harmonious relationships with a blemished website. Rankings in the search results page will suffer too with weak design. No wonder so much time and attention, labor, and money go into website construction for businesses.

5. Money is the justification

In a world of booming e-commerce and everything online due to the epidemic in 2020, a majority of business revenues are derived through mobile phones. The hesitation is gone since it is simplified procedures to shop and pay. Security is greater with your own private phone with no exposure to the public eye. Large files reside in the cloud and you just shop to your heart’s content. Shopping was always fun-filled as it is even today though the touch and feel factor is present. The other advantages like low prices and safe, secure shopping from anywhere make up for that.

6. Big brother Google prefers responsive mobile-friendly websites

Though several browsers provide zillions of searches each day, Google is head and shoulders above the rest. Browsers have their own criteria for selecting and ranking websites for visitors according to certain parameters. One of those leading criteria is mobile-friendliness with everybody working with phones. Since mobiles generate the most revenues, responsive websites are clearly winners in the task of buying and selling and that means globally. Instruct Web Development Company India accordingly and provide quality ideas and materials like images, text, videos, and animations.

7. Responsive websites ensure a strong social media presence

Browsers and SEO, social media sites, and SERPs are all interconnected. That may communicate no logic to beginners and you need to know a little bit of how the digital world operates. Since brands are followed via social profiling, it makes a lot of sense. Responsive sites carry a world of meaning like a bouquet of red roses. Make it compulsory and witness all the flowers bloom exuberantly in business terms.

8. Get enhanced SEO protection

Search engines have their system of checking on several factors like responsiveness in the ranking game. When the website is not mobile-friendly, the result is that bounce rate and dwell rate suffers. In business terms, it is akin to digging your own grave. Responsive websites thus enjoy many advantages and would be a passport to better business revenues, holding visitor attention longer and keeping down bounce rates.

9. Organize the navigation map well

Intense work on the screen structure that can adjust to different devices calls for expert handling of software resources. The structure cannot change across devices which will only complicate matters further. Rather, the same structure serves the purpose on all screens. An enhanced navigation menu that is intuitive would take care of the challenges. Accessibility thus improves with a dynamic interface that keeps adjusting no matter the nature of the device.

10. Data displays on tiny screens

What happens to large tables that look good on desktop screens? These are often necessary for research work. The many rows and columns will certainly not fit into the small screens. The answer is responsive websites that provide an edited version with a link that connects to the complete version. Initially, the salient aspects only are displayed but those who wish to see more can click the link.

Working across the different worlds of desktops, laptops, and tablets along with mobiles seem quite possible with enhanced responsiveness software. Otherwise, smaller screens will appear untidy and disoriented with maybe crucial parts missing.

The prowess of SOFTQUBE TECHNOLOGIES will see you through all the risks and uncertainties of setting up a flourishing business website. Enhance revenues with them.


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