7 Types of Graphic Design That Will Rule 2020!

7 Types of Graphic Design That Will Rule 2020!

Graphic design plays a vital role in your company’s visibility. Graphic designing is required for almost everything, such as a company’s logo, products, hoardings, and digital ads, etc. The first thing your potential customer may notice about you can be the company’s logo, or its website, or a product’s. Basically, before buying your product or service, the customer will notice you on digital screens, or even on street hoardings. And therefore, it is very crucial that the design of a logo, website, etc. should be appealing and tempting enough for a customer to come forward and buy your products. If you are looking for the best graphic designers near me to have beautiful and alluring designs for your business, then your search ends here.

Following are a few types of graphic designs that will trend in 2020, and if you use them, it will benefit your business.

Heavy Yet Simple Fonts

Heavy fonts are often bold or extra bold. It is often seen that heavy fonts are used paired with lighter fonts or backgrounds to create contrast and a hierarchy. The big font is quite an easy trend to use on websites and social media pages. You can reach us or “graphic designers near me” if you wish to have a modern look for your website. Heavy fonts are useful for the header or sub-header to grab the attention of a viewer.


Minimalism, especially in cases landing pages, will dominate in 2020. Minimalistic design decreases the loading time of your page and gives a better experience on smartphones as well. More brands will be incorporating this style because Google rewards websites that comply with aforesaid points. Minimalism zero-downs the design to only necessary components. It brings the attention of a viewer to where it’s needed while not being too dull or complicated.


Collages of drawings and photos are quite popular nowadays. Doodling has become a massive hit trend, and it can be seen on many big websites. It gives an informal, personalized, and fun feeling to the viewer. In doodling, real-life pictures are accompanied by simple illustrations replacing parts of the picture or interacting with it. It allows creating unique designs as it provides an excellent opportunity to get creative.

Gradients of Color

Color gradients have been trending since last year, and they will continue to replace conventional background images. They can be used in messy illustrations, simple graphics, and act as a color filter too. Gradients are not focal points of things, but they increase the beauty of a graphic. They are often used to add depth to complex illustrations. Gradients can be used over flat colors to highlight your brand from others.

Ultra-Thin Geometrical Design

It is a primary rule of graphic design that lines express the form and nature of an object. Geometric lines represent human-made and technological things, whereas curvy lines are used to show natural things like water, wind, etc. Ultra-thin geometry is used to achieve impossible shapes. For instance, the design can be based on a stable geometry, yet it looks moving or wavy. Also, it can give a metallic and drift-like feel at the same time.

Abstract and Dreamy Objects

Today, simple illustrations are not as eye-catching. If you wish to stand out, then use abstract, imaginary, and dreamy illustrations. The most positive thing about this style is that no one can copy it. Since more brands are using simple illustrations, its attractiveness has faded. Abstract and dreamy objects are going to trend in 2020. So, if you want more compliments, then use dreamy illustrations over stock photos or clip-art icons.

Muted Color Patterns

Muted colors are colors that are tone-down or faded by adding black, white, or a complimentary color. Brands and graphic designers are seen to be using more muted colors rather than using bold and vivid colors. Muted colors are the opposite of bright colors. Muted colors reduce the harshness and look more pleasing than bold colors. They are the best choice for formal ads or invites, etc. And you can ask us, “graphic designers near me” to do it.

To Conclude

2020 is going to be full of dynamic, diverse, and attractive graphic design trends. Some of which are, as mentioned above, you should incorporate these styles to attract a wide range of audiences.

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