8 Must have Chrome Extensions for Designers

8 Must have Chrome Extensions for Designers

Are you a designer and looking for chrome extensions that are best for you? Well, Chrome Extensions play a pivotal role in the development of a skillful designer. A designer needs to have all the apt extensions that are useful in his work and will definitely help in their projects. The use of Chrome extensions is done to increase the speed, capture magnificent colors, typography and designs so that the designers can get the ultimate experience and create something truly amazing.

Given below are some of the excellent chrome extensions that are of major use to produce stunning web designs:


It is considered as one of the finest Chrome Extension for designers which provides you access to online applications and mobile-friendly websites, newly profound web trends, and logos, creative illustrations, photography projects, minimalist websites, visual art and designs along with articles and blogs from the expert designers from all across the world

The main purpose is to combine the human craft with automated curation in order to deliver the hidden secrets, news, and inspirations about products designs on your browser. Muzli has a link to more than 150 leading web sources such as Mashable, Behance, Found, Techcrunch, Dribbble and many graphic & mockups freebies websites resources.

2. What Font:

What Font is termed as one of the best font finders which help its users to search from the innovative collection oftop-ranking font styles. It is a catalog of around 550K fonts and helps you to find the perfect match that connects with your picture.

With the help of Font finder AI, it shows you more than 50 fonts for the uploaded picture wherein some are free of cost while others are commercial. This font detector works with connected scripts too. You just need to upload an image, select the best font for your picture and then see the results.

3. CSSViewer:

CSSViewer has been an outstanding Google Chrome Extension where you can get access to some of the amazing styles. It was developed by Nicolas Huon as firefox add-on (2006-2008). The primary objective of CSSViewer is to help its user to inspect the detailing of any element on the web page. It offers you the font, positioning, text, background, size, and color of the element.

Not only this, it is regarded as one of the secure Chrome Extension for designers and web developers which always asks for theuser’s permission to have access to their history and web information but it does not transfer the personal data over the internet for unsolicited use.

4.Full Page Screen Capture:

It is smart yet elegant screenshot capturing extension that helps its users to click the entire screen in just one go. It is similar to the native function of Google Chrome but in a more advanced and sophisticated way.

This Google Chrome Extension is free of cost which helps the customers to use it with ease with any hassle of monthly payment for the service. It is usually located beside the address bar after installation. You can either screenshot the picture in image form or in a PDF. Also, You can easily change the PDF size in the settings page.

5.Eye Dropper:

Eye Dropper is an amazing Google Chrome Extension for designers and web developers that allows the facility to pick a color from the series of the advanced color It is a great tool that helps you to choose a color either from the web page or your personalized color history. It is an open source extension that ensures a number of commercial and free of cost color combinations.

With the latest upgradation in the Eyedropper version, you can easily switch the palette and remove the history. Moreover, it has fixed the warning signals and has provided a copy of Tachyons CSS.


Spectrum is considered as one of the most innovative Google Chrome Extension for designers and web developers that helps you in data visualization and detects various kinds of CVD issues on your web page. CVD stands for Colour Vision Deficiency which refers to the inability to differentiate between the differentcolor For instance, the ancestors in North Europe were unable to detect red and green colors.

Thus, Spectrum is commonly used in the multinational companies and businessmen in order to distinguish different colors in charts, tables, diagrams and many more. It is also supported by Flash-enabled websites.

7.Site Palette:

It is a creative version of Google Extension especially tailored for frontend developers and innovative designers in order to generate color particles from the web page. Site Palette is a must-have a tool that offers free color scheme extraction. There have been a wide number of updates in this extension. It provides access to free site palette API.

Also, you can generate shareable links and preview the image before download. Not only this, it has recently added Adobe Swatch support. You can compare the color palettes and save them in the PDF form.

Site Palette

8.Web Paint:strong>

Web Paint is regarded as one of the most widely used Chrome Extension that helps you to add text, graphics, draw shapes and lines over live website pages and take a screenshot of it. Also, it provides touch screen support for the advance designers and web developers.

Not only this, it offers you a plethora of drawing tools in order to simplify the process of designing and creativity such as line tool, pencil tool, ellipse tool, paint bucket tool, line width slider, color picker, Bezier curves and many more. Web Paint is a convenient extension that is easy to use and simple to apply without any hassle of acquiring demo training to use it.

Some Final Words

As you have known above about some great chrome extensions. If you are finding ways to get the best design inspirations and colors, you can easily dos so with the help of these amazing chrome extensions for designers. It will also help you grow as a designer by making best use of the extensions. Come back for more updates

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