A Quick Guide – All That you Should Know About Node.JS

A Quick  Guide – All That you Should Know About Node.JS

Many technologies and programming latest versions have marked their presence in the tech world, but when it comes to the server-based applications, the foremost name click in our mind is Node.JS

In this article, we are going to provide the full guide of Node.JS, that a tech world should be aware of these aspects.

So, Let’s have a quick glance at Node.JS

Glimpse on Node.JS

Node.JS is based on the Javascript framework.
It is open-source and supports cross-platform, which can work on a wide range of operating systems.
Node.JS used is used for developing the back end services like API for web and mobile applications.
Utilized by the topmost reputed companies like Uber, Walmart, Paypal, etc.
There are various advantages for opting Node.JS, let’s us know the benefits of choosing Node.JS
Advantages of Node.JS

Easy to Learn and Understand

As this language is based on the versatile Java language, so developers are already aware of it and they can easily make their grip on it. Professionals, who have front end experience in Java, for them it is very easy to learn back end and to contribute to it. This language doesn’t have so much complexity. It is easy to understand how it develops and works.

Single Programming Language

The integration of a single programming language is the main reason that developers opt for this as for the back end and front end, developers can use the well known Java language only. It saves a lot of time for developers and the cost of clients. It is relevant also as all the other web browser supports Java only.

Active Community

It is based on a well known Java programming language and open-source feature. As an open-source feature, it gets updated from time to time by the professionals and online videos and articles use to publish on different websites and youtube.

The benefits list of Node.JS is endless, now let’s move to the next stage that you should know about it.

Features of Node.JS

Fastest Code Execution

As we already mentioned that Node.JS is based on the Java framework, and Java is the oldest and the most preferable language by the developers. Most developers opt for Java and from time to time, its library uses to get an update from the top professionals. Due to the regular library updation code execution process turns into a fastest and easier process.

Supports Multimedia Server

Node.JS supports multimedia streaming servers, it is an ability to fulfill the demand of integration of different multimedia content on the server. It helps to engage users and turn as a highly reliable platform.

Common Tools

Node.JS doesn’t need special tools and technologies, it is supported by the huge community. Tools are commonly used on this platform like for testing developers can use NPM, for source code and unit testing the tool Jasmine can use be used.

Real-Time Web Apps

For the basic web application, developers can opt for the PHP language as Node.Js and PHP will take the same time, but when it comes to developing the chat apps or gaming apps, so Node.js is a most preferable choice due to its faster synchronization.

Node.JS has become the most preferred choice of the developers, and it results in high performance. Its features and benefits give customers a lot of the best reasons to hire Node.JS developers. The best thing Node.JS that it can’t come to end and never get miss from the list as it is based on the oldest root language Java.

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