How You Can Make Money While Streaming on Facebook Live
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How You Can Make Money While Streaming on Facebook Live

How You Can Make Money While Streaming on Facebook Live

Since the inception, there have been more than 250 billion photos and more than 100 million hours of watch time for video daily. Using Facebook live to influence your audience is a pretty simple task. The post briefs how you can make a lot of money through live streaming on Facebook and how you can build a massive audience in record time. The post briefs you on the requirements you need to meet to become a streamer on Facebook. Also, the same the post provides you with a basic strategy that you can follow from day one to become a streamer and have thousands of people following your streams.

According to Business Insider, streamers on Facebook are making more money than on Twitch and YouTube. If you want to make playing video games your full-time job, then this is the post you read. You can see all the games you can live stream and all the streamers on the Facebook streaming page. Many streamers have thousands of people. You can go and browse some of the most popular games that people are live streaming on Facebook. They have a hundred different games from which you can choose from. It is important because the post shows you how you can use these games to build an initial following on Facebook without you having to spend six months or a year streaming with no viewers.

So, if you go to the streamer section, you can see the popular streamers with thousands of followers on Facebook. Some of the people have two hundred, and some have thirty thousand followers. You can see what games they are playing, and this is helpful information because the post briefs you on how you can utilize that information to build your following base. But before the post brief you that, you need to know what some of the requirements are to become a streamer on Facebook and make money from live streams.

Some of the Requirements to Become a Streamer on Facebook:

Facebook has something called the level-up program, and you do need to apply to start making money from your live streams. You must know how to apply what steps you need to take to get approved for the level-up program.

1. Create a Gaming Video Creator Page:

The first thing that you need to do is to create a gaming video creator page. If you visit the gaming video creator page, it will take you to create a brand-new Facebook page, and it will have already selected the category for the gaming video creator.

If you already have a gaming page on Facebook that you want to convert to a gaming video creator, you can change the category of that page, and that will qualify you for this program.

2. Stream Gaming Content for at Least 4 Hours in 14 Days:

In addition to having your gaming video creator page, you also need to stream gaming content only for at least four hours in the last 14 days. Also, you need to tag the game because it must be from one of the games they have on that list. We all mostly using Facebook for a long time and it is easy to grab an audience on it even if you start using live streaming. These days, Facebook users have 100 to 4000 Facebook friends, so getting live viewers will be easy. Else you can try to buy some Fb live viewers for your stream.

3. Stream Gaming Content for at Least Two Days in the Prior 14 Days:

The following requirement is to stream gaming content for at least two days in the last 14 days.

4. Have at Least 100 Followers on Your Page:

You also need to have at least 100 followers on your page. It is not difficult to have. The post also briefs you how not only can you get your first 100 followers, but if you want to get your first 1,000 followers or 10,000 followers, how you can do that as well.

5. The Page Needs to Have Been Active for at Least 30 Days:

The last one is that your page needs to be active for at least 30 days. That means, if you create a brand-new page today, you can apply for this program tomorrow. You do need to wait 30 days to apply.

You need to meet all the requirements that are discussed above. Once you do meet all the requirements, you can apply to the level-up program. You do need to meet all the community standards and partner monetization policies. If your page has any violation or anything you have done on Facebook, you will most likely not get approved. And it is best to create a brand-new page.

How You Can Make Money From Live Streaming on Facebook

Meet the Requirements for Monetization:

If you visit the monetization requirement page, it will take you to all the rules and things that they do not allow you to do and enable you to do on Facebook. And if you meet all those requirements, you can get accepted into the program level through which you make money from donations from people who are watching your live streams.

You will find that they have a star system, and if they decide to donate ninety-five stars to your live stream, that means you made a dollar ninety-nine cents. If they donate twelve hundred and that means you made twenty dollars.

They also have a monthly fee, which means your fans can subscribe for a monthly cost of about five dollars per month. The more users you have on your page or profile, the more money you can make because you have more opportunities for people subscribing to your live streams and making you money every month.

Your stars will be automatically paid to your bank account, and you can update your payout information in your stream or dashboard.  So, once you get approved, you can add your bank account information, and at the end of the month, they will pay you for whatever donations you got for that specific month.

It is not the only way to monetize your content on Facebook. It is just one way to monetize your live stream.

How to Qualify for the Level-up Program and Make Money While Streaming Live:

Suppose you want to know how to get into this program exactly, how to get those hundred followers, and how you can make a full-time income from streaming content on Facebook.  Then you need to visit the gaming page on Facebook, where you can browse all the games that you can live stream on Facebook. It is important because you need to see the top popular games that people are live streaming. Those are the games you must play and live stream because those are the most popular games.

Most likely, they already have a massive audience on Facebook. For example, In the game Call of Duty, let us say you want to go to a brand-new gaming video creator page where you are live streaming only content regarding Call of Duty.  How can you grow that page from zero to hundred followers to a thousand followers or more? The fastest and best way to do that is utilizing Facebook ads.

A Facebook ad is the best way to advertise and reach people already on Facebook who is already watching those games from other live streamers. So, when you decide to spend money to start advertising for your live streaming page, you will know exactly the type of process you need to go through on Facebook ads.

If you use a live streaming page in the Call of Duty game as an example, you can go on Facebook ads, and you can say I want people from the United States. You can say you want people from 18 to 35, and then in the detailed targeted section, this is the most important section. You can type whatever interests you because you want people who are already watching live streams from this game. All you need to do is go back to your Facebook ads and type Call of duty. See how many people are interested in Call of Duty on Facebook.

Facebook has pulled a list of interests based on what you type, Call of Duty, and it tells you that Call of Duty 4 has 11 million people interested in this topic. Remember that you do not need 11 million people on your Facebook page. All you need is one hundred to qualify for the level-up program.

If you want to target these people in the United States only from 18 to 35 who really like Call of Duty 4, you target 2.1 million people. If you have a very decent budget of just 5 to 10 dollars per day for the next 15 to 25 days, you could build a following of 200 to 1000 followers in your first 30 days for your live streaming page.

This is just one of the games available for live streaming on Facebook, but if you go back to the streamer section, you can find that most streamers play more than one game. If you go to the game section, you can pick any of the games you want to live stream on Facebook. Then you can target these people who are already on Facebook watching these streamers and watching this type of content. You can bring them to your page and make sure that they watch your content and build yourself a following.

If you type fortnight, then you will get something similar. The fortnight game has an audience of 88 million people. That means you can reach out to people who like Call of Duty and reach out to people who like a fortnight.

The perfect way to do that is by promoting your live streams. If your live streams are entertaining to these people, you can utilize Facebook ads to push your live streams to Call of Duty fans or Fortnight fans. There is an extremely high chance that some of those people will go back to your Facebook page and follow your page because they found your live stream entertaining.

Create a Facebook Page:

After you know the process of becoming a live stream on Facebook, you need to create your Facebook page and start streaming as soon as possible. If you want to get those 100 followers, you wanted for your Facebook page or want to get 10 thousand or a hundred thousand followers, and you need to follow what is discussed in the post above.

Need to Invest Money:

You need to make sure that you invest in your business. If you want a full-time income, then you must invest some money to grow. Once you grow to 10,000, 50,000 followers, then you can just let Facebook promote the content and hopefully grow organically.

So, spending some money to invest in Facebook ads to attract people who are already watching these games on Facebook, who are already watching other streamers play these games on Facebook. It is not only a best idea, but it will also help you make more money. Because if you only spend time creating entertaining content with your live stream, you will most likely succeed if you stick to it.

Live streaming is not only the way to monetize your Facebook page. There are also in-stream ads that mean that after you are done with live streaming, you can take clips from those live streams and create small videos that you can upload to your Facebook page and monetize them with in-stream ads make even more money.

Take Away:

Making money through Facebook live is a great way and you can easily earn lot of money if you invest some time and money on Facebook live. I hope you find this post especially useful, and if you apply the above strategy in your Facebook live, you will get success.

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