The Best Marijuana Seeds For Home Growing in 2021

The Best Marijuana Seeds For Home Growing in 2021

With a wide range of seeds and strains available at the market, choosing the best seeds for you becomes a tough choice. There are many factors which you need to consider when deciding to buy seeds. Before looking at the best seeds to buy, it’s important to understand why you should grow Marijuana at home. 

Growing Marijuana at Home

Growing Cannabis at home has become a popular choice these days. There are a range of benefits from cost to better control over your strain. With the multiple benefits out there, it makes sense for you to consider growing weed at home.

  • Cost– While growing Marijuana at home requires a bit of an effort depending on the seed type, it’s cheaper than purchasing weed from a pharmacy. Apart from that, the satisfaction of smoking something you cultivated is priceless.
  • Quality Control- You can indeed get good quality weed at pharmacies. However, nothing matches something which you take effort to grow yourself. With the added precaution and lack of chemicals, it’s bound to make your high better and cleaner. 
  • Choice- You might not always have a huge variety of choices when purchasing weed from a pharmacy. However, when it comes to seeds, there are a plethora of choices to choose from, effectively giving you better control for your strain. 

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of growing weed at home, it’s time to look at the best seeds for growing at home. Get your best cannabis seeds ILGM and start with your first plant cultivation. 

Best Marijuana Seeds in 2021

There are multiple varieties when it comes to seeds. It won’t be fair to put all of those in one category. Thus, it’s vital to look at different categories and the best seeds under that.

  • Feminized Seeds– As the name suggests, feminized seeds exclusively contain female plants. Female plants are the ones that flower. Feminized seeds are obtained by pollinating female plants from male pollen to produce female offspring. Feminized seeds are a great choice and often provide you a germination guarantee too.

The best Feminized Seeds in 2021 are:-

  1. Green Crack Feminized Seeds.
  2. Blueberry Widow Feminized Seeds.
  3. Mazar-i-Sharif Feminized Seeds.
  • Autoflower Seeds– Autoflower seeds require little maintenance while providing similar quality to the plant. Due care needs to be given to lighting, and cycles need to be shifted between blue and red light to grow your plant. Autoflower Seeds don’t require any special lighting and can be grown fairly easily even if you’re a beginner. 

The best Autoflower Seeds in 2021 are:-

  1. Trainwreck Autoflower Seeds.
  2. Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds.
  3. White Widow Autoflower Seeds.

Check out the best cannabis seeds ILGM, and get ready to grow your first plant. 

  • Medical– Marijuana is often used for its therapeutic benefits. Medical seeds provide an extra healing effect and are perfect if you’re looking for medicinal benefits. 

The best Medical Seeds in 2021 are:-

  1. Northern Lights Seeds.
  2. Purple Pineberry Seeds.
  3. Black Indica Seeds.

Now that you have a fair idea about different kinds of seeds, the choice is on you to decide what kind of a plant you want to cultivate depending on the cost, effect, and effort you need to put in. By purchasing best cannabis seeds ILGM, you get the best-assured quality of seeds and complete assistance with any step involved in growing your plant. 

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