Top Ways To Set Up Your Property For Viewing

Top Ways To Set Up Your Property For Viewing

Making sure that your property appeals to its viewers can be a confusing task. The gist of it boils down to the organization and presentation of the property and how livable it seems to people. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before you can be sure that your tenants will agree with your asking price. To help you with this, you can always hire a snagging company Dubai offers a lot of. 

If you’re going at it alone, here’s a few things you should try before you invite people to view your property:


It’s common for people to stack up on stuff that they barely need. From decoration pieces that serve no purpose to worn-out furniture and spare parts from things that have reached their expiration; people tend to never throw things out in hopes of it becoming useful one day. The problem with this is that since everything is taking up a lot of space, your property seems congested. Decluttering becomes essential as it makes your apartment appear bigger. People will be able to imagine their own furniture and decorations if they have empty spaces to consider.


Although this doesn’t seem like much, the lights in your property can bring up the best or the worst of it. This is especially useful for people who want to hide specific sections of the house that they don’t want people to focus on. Similarly, you can also light up the corners of the house that you know are bound to appeal to the viewer. For example, having a table lamp set up on one corner of the room will focus the viewer’s attention on it rather than the seam in the wall on the other corner.

Use Greenery

Plants bring about a natural aesthetic along with a pleasant odor in your property. Moreover, they also appeal to families while being excellent decoration pieces. You can be sure that having real-life or even fake plants will factor into the overall outlook of the property.


Deep clean your house to ensure that it appears good as new. No matter how good a property is, you can be sure that unless it’s cleaned thoroughly, no one will want it. Whenever people come to a house for a viewing, they expect to see empty cleaned spaces that they can imagine as their new home. With a clean space, it’s easier to picture everything organized according to their aesthetic sense. That means you need to take out your own décor and furniture as much as you can. Moreover, try to clean the corners of the house that you don’t normally clean. That’s because home viewers are especially peculiar in their observation when it comes to a new place.

Focus On The Entrance And Bathrooms

The entrance of the house is the first thing that lands an impression on a viewer. Unless the entrance is neat, proper, and welcoming, the viewer will make up their mind before even entering the premises. Similarly, the bathrooms are inevitably the most important places of any residence. Make sure that there’s no faucet leaking or shower hose that doesn’t work. Properties that have everything perfect but bathrooms that don’t look good are often ignored and viewers instantly move on to the next prospects.

You need to ensure that everything is in pitch-perfect condition before letting viewers enter your house. A messy property will not appeal to anyone. Unless you have a great property management company taking care of everything for you, you need to clean everything yourself. Try to renovate the place before you set it up for viewing.

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