Description of Types and Application of Stainless Steel Pipe Sydney

Description of Types and Application of Stainless Steel Pipe Sydney

Stainless Steel pipes and tubes have various commercial and industrial uses. These Steel Pipes are manufactured from steel alloy and small percentage of chromium. This type of steel pipe has a property that these are resistive to corrosion and oxidation in low and high temperature respectively. This property of steel makes it more sound and versatile and hence used in various applications like food, chemical, petrochemical, medical equipment, shipbuilding, power plant etc.

Different kinds of stainless steel pipe and its application are listed below.


These kinds of pipes are ductile and non-magnetic in nature and said to be good for welding. These are generally used in making kitchen wares, large scale pipes and container.


This type of pipes is similar to austenitic steel pipes but has better resistance to corrosion. This is generally used in indoor equipments such as washing machines.


(combination) As both kinds of pipe are strong and ductile both are used in duplex in many different industries such as paper pulp industries and shipbuilding industries.


This pipe is made up of 11-13% of chromium added to steel alloy which make it moderate resistance to corrosion, strong and magnetic. Due to these properties these are used to manufacture turbines.

Heat resistant tube

As its name suggests this pipe is heat resistive hence, used for steaming (where temperature is very high). These are also used in boilers.  Heat Exchange Tubes  These pipes are highly resistive to high pressure and acidic medium. These steel tubes are usually used in chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

Duplex stainless steel tubes

This kind of pipe has properties of high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion. These are mostly used in chemical process.

High pressure tubes

High Pressure tubes are used in fluctuating temperature condition. It is generally used in condensers and boilers.

U-bend tubes

These are used in high heat exchanging systems like oil systems.

Stainless steel pipe can be of many other types which are not included in above types. Apart from above specified applications there are many other uses of stainless steel pipe which are discussed below

  1. Steel pipe are also used in decoration as steel pipes are manufactured in many shape (circular, rectangular, square).
  2. These are used in food industries to transfer the raw or processed food to the other different production or processing units.
  3. Gym equipment has many parts made by steel pipes.
  4. These pipes are also used in various different electronic machines etc.
  5. Steel pipes are reliable to be used in agriculture, irrigation and electricity.
  6. These pipes are said to be the common parts of the automobiles such as cars, aircrafts etc.

Steel is being strong and ductile in nature used in many different industries and can have many stainless Steel Pipe manufacturing companies in many countries in cities. You can go and read it on internet by searching it as Steel Pipe Sydney to find steel pipes in Sydney.

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