How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1328

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1328

QuickBooks replace error 1328 occur, Whenever a user tries to install/uninstall in addition to repair the QuickBooks Error Support desktop files and gets the error. The file is definitely referenced by means of the error, i.e. Like here c:config.msiPTXXX.tmp. it receives populated on the device display screen in variant manners.

Causes Of QuickBooks error 1328

  • Encountering the problem for downloading software
  • The QuickBooks software has been corrupted due to some unknown reasons.
  • Network trying to download and install the software program.
  • Some of the malfunctions have arrived on desktop and you unable to achieve the most end result.
  • These can include common and incorrect setup.
  • The uninstalling of your QuickBooks accounting software program which you positioned invalid access in windows.
  • There is some failure related to virus scanning.
  • The wrong way shutdown occurs due to power failure.

Best Possible Solution Of QuickBooks error 1328

Whenever QuickBooks error code 1328 occurs on any section of your display screen, the QuickBooks accounting software stops to do work. In other words, accounting users are not similar to be had to get the same work as you ever preferred. So, it is advised which you must have to solve the QuickBooks accounting update error 1328. Now, you are to be had to fetch the most possible result.

Solution 1: Find ‘config.msi’ file and follow the under these steps

1 You must click on the Start button and Select the explore option.

2 It’s far requested to click on c drive.

3 You find the hidden file and folder to peep out its rely.

  • After that, you should click on tools choice and select folder options
  • Attain on view tab and select the hidden file and folder.
  • After that, you click on apply and move on the OK button.

4 Now, you’ll have to check out the included running file device.

  • After that, you should click on tools and select the folder choice.
  • Again, you want to check Apply and click on the ok button.

5 Rename the config.msi file after a click on.

6 At the end of the file, you have to do click on config.msi and choose the rename.

7 Having furnished many activities, you need to hide the protected running system file and folder.

Solution 2: Use file restore device

  • First of all, you should decide on this component what you may do with the file restore device. The leader utilization of this machine is in top off of damaged entries.
  • You could remove all malware and sudden danger.
  • You have the ability to do away with all unwanted files in your system.
  • For getting the performance of this file and repair device, you have to cast off/uninstall the desktop tool drivers.
  • Now, you would repair the previous accounting fabric via the activation of undoing new exchange in it.
  • It also proposes uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBooks utility. By using doing so, you could get the best result.
  • Once this compilation completes, you must install all Windows update.

Solution 3: fix Your QuickBooks Installation

  • A few users have the authority to do works with the operation of QuickBooks and they could do the predicted change to logged in this system.
  • It is the right time to open the Windows control panel and Solution on the program/feature section.
  • Now, you’ll should region all QuickBooks product and select it. Now, you will just click on the uninstall/trade button.
  • As quickly as the QuickBooks installer button appears, you must choose repair choice.
  • You will have to run on QuickBooks software suites and begin its justified work after its finishing touch. In case the entirety is going in the path, you can easily follow patch choice. In any other case, you can move on to the next option.

 Solution 4: Reinstall QuickBooks using the Clean install

  • It’s a far obvious issue that you would have to uninstall the QuickBooks
  • After that, you will need to carry on the QB installation the usage of easy install.
  • For buying the fine result, you should select the choice which suites to errors unfastened overall performance of QuickBooks.
  • The primary thing is that you might to installation QuickBooks accounting software after filling the product key cost.
  • The second possible choice is which you would have to use the QuickBooks file from the download link.
  • Install the QuickBooks accounting software machine to your tool with the aid of compact disk.
  • Now, you will should installation and download QuickBooks CD.


QuickBooks Error 123 is a big problem for QuickBooks accounting software users because it affects the user’s system. That is why in this blog we have given the best solution related to QuickBooks error 1328. If the user is unable to solve the problem, then you can get Quickbooks Support phone number.

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