QuickBooks Hosting Provider: 4 Security Aspects to Consider

QuickBooks Hosting Provider: 4 Security Aspects to Consider

QuickBooks is no doubt an efficient software that has been preferred by a majority of accounts professionals. Where you can manage your business payments, different expenses, payrolls, and various other functionalities with amazing accounting software, you are left with ample time to focus on other works. 

Initially, the QuickBooks desktop version was quite popular (it still is!). However, with its transition to the digital platform, QuickBooks hosting is the current preference and favorite of accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs. Where the accessibility to any files by anyone (with permission), from any time and place is a great advantage, the security aspects are also an imperative factor to keep in mind. 

Here are the 4 important security aspects that you need to check before selecting a good QuickBooks hosting provider.

4 Security Aspect before Selecting a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

When you start looking for a good hosting provider, what do you prefer the most – service price or security? A majority of you would jump on the price factor. However, if your data is not safe, the amount you may have to shell out for ransomware or other cyber theft can be quite humongous.

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These are a few vital security-related qualities that a noteworthy QuickBooks hosting provider should have:

1) Data Backup

Be it on your desktop or your Drive, you cannot be 100% assured that your data can be safe from any harm. There is always a 0.1% chance that your data may get deleted or lost due to some technical issues or digital accidents. 

Added to this, if your system gets attacked via a virus or suffers a hardware failure, the possibilities become higher for you losing your important QuickBooks data. To tackle such a situation, or best, avoid it; your preferred hosting service provider should have the provision of data backup. 

When your data is backed up frequently with automatic offsite storage convenience, you can easily create and manage physical backup copies for your work. The backup protection from your preferred hosting provider should offer you the provision of restoring data even for the past week or month. 

2) Data Reliability

A reliable QuickBooks hosting platform should offer you a minimum of 99.99% uptime rate. This is a vital aspect as it defines the time of the server during which it stays up and keeps running the hosting operation. If the uptime is lower than 95%, you cannot expect your web pages to load quickly and open when your employees or customers want to be on that page.  It is a fact and you need to remember – the higher the percentage, the best is the service provision. 

Nevertheless, you should also not forget checking about your hosting server resources to be equipped with redundant technology. Redundant technology refers to having an emergency backup plan for any accidental or unavoidable situation. Your preferred hosting provider should have provision to fault tolerance to the vital components of the data center like:

  • Security system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Fire suppression system
  • Fire detection system
  • Power source
  • Telecommunication links
  • Switches 
  • Operating systems
  • Servers
  • Hard disk drives
  • Machine cooling fans

So, when your data is in reliable hands, you can expect no service outages and best security measures. 

3) Hardware Protection

When you migrate to the QuickBooks hosting platform, you are basically shifting your valuable and vital data from your personal hardware (desktop) to the cloud host. However, you cannot transfer your important information without checking the adequate digital protection as it can impact your data. 

So, it is best to investigate if your hosting provider offers these hardware protection aspects:

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus programs
  • 128-bit data encryption
  • Three to Four-Tier Data Centers

Your QuickBooks hosting service provider should offer you the best data security solution and comply with:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • DSS Compliance 
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance) [service providers accepting payments via card payments]

Do proper investigation from an online forum and review sites to check how many tiers of data protection your preferred hosting provider is offering you.

Try going for either three-tier or four-tier data centers. These high-level security centers ensure that your hosted site has:

  • 99.995% to 99.95% site availability
  • No human or machine-related single point of failure
  • 24*7 constant monitoring 
  • Use of WAF (web application firewall) for added security

With so many QuickBooks hosting providers flooded in the current market; you may feel confused to choose the best for yourself. Instead of being overwhelmed, follow the above data security aspects and go for the one with your data is bound to remain safe from external threats and cyberattacks.

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