What are the Factors, Which Determine the Price of an Augmented Reality app?

What are the Factors, Which Determine the Price of an Augmented Reality app?

Technology is gaining new heights day by day and augmented reality is one such technology that is becoming popular with every passing day. Several industries have been benefited with this technology, while some of them are still establishing new milestones to achieve new heights. Pokemon GO and its popularity is a perfect example to this and it clearly explains us the impact of augmented reality in the real world. As its demand is rising in the market, the implementation and affordability of technology have also changed. Some of them are listed as follows.

Platform for Running the App

One of the main factors, which decide cost of an application, is, the platform of augmented reality used for development of the app. The app based on this technology involves complex user interface. Moreover, to facilitate the successful running of the app on any of the devices, the most appropriate environment for the development of app should be chosen. The compatibility with various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, android phones, iPhone and iPad have to be carefully devised to ensure standard output is achieved in all platforms.

Augmented Reality APP

Skills and Implementation

Augmented reality involves the development of 3D image or model, which needs advanced graphic designing skills like modelling, texturing, rendering and integration. Apart from an excellent knowledge of visual graphics, a suitable language has to be developed for integration of codes with visual ads. The widely used and preferred languages are JAVA or C++ for android platforms and Swift, C++ or C#.NET for iOS. Buying such language rights or hiring skilled developers affects the pricing of an application. Another important aspect of the app is testing of the developed code on various platforms to ensure it works appropriately without creating any hassle for the user.

Free or Low-Cost App

The pricing of the augmented reality app is decided between two factors i.e. whether the app will be free to download or will have a low-cost in-app purchase model. There are many tools available online that facilitate a do-it-yourself development model. Using such online tools can reduce the costing of app development. There are certain limitations to such development platforms like the number of features that can be included and platforms compatible with the app. If in case this approach is opted for, it is always feasible to approach professionals who can ensure appropriate development of the app. However, one should make a note that approaching a professional would add on to a certain amount of cost.

Features and Customization

Features and customization of the augmented reality app are another important factor that alters the pricing of the development. The number of features added to the app and its customization adds on to the pricing of the app. An app with basic features will cost less as compared to the high-end version of the app with varied features. Such an app will be sufficient to meet all the requirements of players and can also help them enhance the business operations.

Industry Specifications

Augmented reality can be used in several industries such as architecture, retail, logistics, education, games, healthcare, fashion, tourism, navigation and entertainment. However, it is essential to note that specifications for each industry will vary from one another. To incorporate industry’s specific feature, augmented reality technology needs to be significantly altered. The pricing depends on all these alterations which will be based on industry specifications. Another aspect to be considered is the usage, maintenance, testing, updates and server costs of the app in a specific industry. Thus the pricing of an application will largely depend on the industry and might vary according to the requirement of the user.


Augmented reality app pricing is determined and affected with series of factors essential for the development. In addition to technical aspects like language, platform compatibility, integration of the code with the platform and database, server costs and feature development; the pricing also gets impacted with the targets like images to be captured, real-time processing of the image, location identification, the visual models as well as the animation involved in the app. However hefty amounts can be saved by opting for online tools which along with professional help can be used for developing applications based on augmented reality.

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