The Major Benefits of Android Studio 2.0 App Development

The Major Benefits of Android Studio 2.0 App Development

Android Studio 2.0: In 2013, Google has launched an official Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE) that may ease the mobile app development  platforms with features better visual. App developers have since come out in the crowd to develop applications for the Play Store which has now grown to nearly 1.6 million applications.

With the new improvements to Android Studio 2.0, Google has introduced a large number of features enhanced productivity and speed development.

Features Instant Run is one of the major additions to the list because the company has been instrumental in developing a preview for the past year with more refine, every month.

After changing the code, developers can see how the changes affect the application is running. Now they do not need to recompile or reinstall the APK when changes have to be made. This feature certainly speeds up editing the code, the overall build and run the cycle as well.

Android Studio 2.0

Advantages Galore

The Android device emulator utilizes multi-core CPUs, thus making the entire process three times faster than before. The official Android Emulator is quite faster than the real smartphone, and new features Emulator Android devices using multi-core CPU, thus making the whole process three times faster than before.

Official Android Emulator fast enough from the real smartphone, and new features may work best with a new emulator. The new interface also helps in fine-tuning applications by allowing one to rotate the screen, install applications with a simple drag and process fall with great touch controls that include pinch to zoom.

Once the application is ready, Google Cloud Test Lab came to the rescue for the testing of the physical device portfolio. It works with its tests provided by Google, that can do away with conflict and other bugs. game developers can see the GPU Developers, which allows you to identify and debug problems related to graphics.

Google has also introduced App Indexing to help users to search for them in the Google app and Play Store. One needs to create the right URL structure for the same thing, with the relevant attributes as well.

An Overview of the Topmost Features

The interface is polished properly follow the need for speed, and along with the Android Emulator, Google introduced a new standard for Android application development!

All Android developers can easily run Android Studio and Android Emulator. For other users, one can go through a few tutorials on the web which mentions the same installation procedure.

Android Studio 2.0 full feature list includes:

Instant Run:

This feature is supposed to improve workflow by letting one see the changes right on the device or emulator. All changes can be viewed life, which means that one can continuously code and run the application, speeding up editing, build, and run cycles.

When you click the Instant Run button, the changes are analyzed and determined how they can deploy most quickly. Instant Run works with any type of Android device or emulator capable of running the API 14 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher.

Android Emulator:

The Android emulator is nearly three times faster in the CPU, RAM, and I / O compared to previous versions. ADB pressing speed is almost ten times faster.

Thrive on Emulator faster than real device operation. The user interface and new sensor control large enough to get the APK down directly for quick installation. It’s easy to resize and rescale the window, take advantage of multi-touch action and do much more.

Cloud Test Lab:

The new service allows developers to test applications on multiple devices and device configuration. It is also an extension of the overall testing process that includes several tests on multiple physical devices hosted on Google’s data centers. Cloud Test Lab can perform all types of crash tests, right from the Android Studio itself.

Indexing Application:

Users can find their application in the Google Search application is easy with the help of Indexing API. Android Studio 2.0 can help structure the best URL in the application code and also helps developers to add an attribute in the AndroidManifest.xml file which augurs well with Google App Indexing service. Test and validate the code and then to get the best results.

GPU Debugger Preview:

Develop OpenGL ES game, especially those who primarily graphics-intensive, new GPU debugger can guide developers to the frame by framing analysis to identify and graphical debug rendering issues with all sorts of information about the state GL.

Android Studio 2.0 did not deliver it in goods and since previews are now off, one can expect developers to code faster and take advantage of features to the hilt.

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