Top 5 Diet & Nutrition Mobile App Development Companies

Top 5 Diet & Nutrition Mobile App Development Companies

Healthy lifestyle movements have been popular for several years in a row. People have increasingly begun to think about their health and often go in for sports, exercising, healthy eating, etc. at the same time people are getting more dependent on technology, which raised the opportunity of fitness-related applications ad how to keep track of their daily take and calories they don’t have to manually do it or need some expensive gadgets, all that information is just right in their hands one click away.

This has given a huge opportunity for companies that focus on building a diet and nutrition application. However, the competition is just rising rapidly so is the quality and quantity of the nutrition apps. This article will mention the top 5 companies that offer the best diet and nutrition applications.

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They are Los Angeles based app developers and have core expertise in diet and nutrition mobile apps. They work with the design and the prototype till they have the look the user is satisfied with. The agile approach is what they follow and keep the clients in the loop from the beginning to the end. The few features their diet and nutrition apps have are healthy food suggestions, water and coffee consumptions, weight loss, calories tracking, physical activity tracker, etc. they build strong relationships with their clients by being: accountable for the projects, making the whole process transparent and delivering excellent results.


They provide speedy and thoughtful development, their sole goal is user satisfaction. They understand that the first impressions matter that is why their team of UX/UI designers make sure to create the app appealing but at the same time their developers make the onboarding process comfortable. Their apps have features like small tutorials to let the user know how the app works and saving them from all the hassle of reading a whole manual. Few types of their diet and nutrition applications include calorie counter, meal planning, Marketplace, Special diet app, and betting app, etc.


They help clients to develop customized apps, their entire process revolves around customer satisfaction. Now with the increase of diet and nutrition apps, their main focus has become this. Their skilled team develops the apps based on the client’s needs: the functionalities they want, the platform they want to choose, etc. and on the basis of that, the price of the app is finalized. Their specialty is diet and nutrition apps but they also develop fitness/workout apps, healthy eating apps, and apps for improving overall health, etc. if you’ve any related questions, you can just contact them and they’ll provide you free yet sincere consultation.


Peerbits comprise a pool of talented professionals who would deliver all your requirements with their top-notch skills combined with our cutting-edge technology and all that at a minimal cost. They understand how every app needs special attention, so they provide respective planning and research. Their UX/UI designers make sure to develop you an app which will be pleasing to the naked eye and helps you increase retention rate and dwell time. Their diet and nutrition app can be of several types: calorie calculating apps, apps for meal planning, a social app that connects users with diet & nutrient coaches, diet & fitness apps for a niche audience, wager apps, etc.


They’re known to create a niche in the fabrication of mobile application development and end to end mobility solutions. Their expertise lies in every platform no matter it is: iPhone application development, android application development, cross-platform app development, enterprise mobility solutions, augmented reality or virtual reality. Their diet and nutrition apps are an exception, they’ve many functionalities and they provide the ability to access all prescriptions, diets, and individual workout plans with a simple fingertip.

The features of their app include registration, food logging, connectivity wearable devices, diet plan or user’s goals, diet Suggestion, etc. Their average development rate is $5000 – $15000.

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