How to Edit Instagram Post A Step-Wise Definitive Guide

How to Edit Instagram Post A Step-Wise Definitive Guide

Do you want to edit your Instagram post like a professional? Now let us tell you something interesting, there are many who use the great professional high-quality camera for clicking pictures and then using some great editing applications they edit the picture. The least you know that all you need to do is just know how to edit Instagram posts without using any editing applications.

There is also an easy trick to post some really attractive pictures on Facebook by editing it on Instagram. But the main hack about getting more followers on Facebook is to manage your account well. You must know how to tag on Facebook, only when your friends know about you then their friends will also know about you.

Step-Wise Guide to Edit on Instagram

While we say we are going to give you a guide, it means we will give full form guidelines on editing and posting the best pictures.


If you are out on a vacation with friends or family, you need not look for a perfect location. You can click the picture wherever you are. What if you are indoor? Then even that is not a problem, you can simply sit at your home and find a clean location for posing and making the frame to click an interesting photo.


Now there is a secret, you can just use your smartphone or iOS, you need not have any DSLR for an amazing photograph. Just capture the moment which you want to post, just make sure that the picture is not hazy. Click a clear picture for editing, capture the moment and then leave it for the next step which the application provides.


The 3rd most important step is to edit. What is thinking? Photoshop or Lightroom? The answer is Instagram and nothing more. Simply open Instagram and click the picture in the gallery which you want to post and then tap on the “EDIT” option. Then add the picture and change the filters to see which one suits. As soon as you decide the filters you can make the edit in the properties, you must adjust the brightness, contrast, etc of the image.


Once you are done with the edit, you can finalize and ask your friends or whoever is near you to see and for their suggestion if you think that you are not liking the editing or if you seem confused. Ask them but do what pursues you. You must first keep your priority then listen to others. If you seem to disagree with what they say then you can use your own choice of edit and finalize to post.


Your perfect picture is ready! Now you can post your image in your Instagram profile and for sure you will get some amazing likes on the image. You can try this out with some more pictures and I am sure everyone would love your picture. Similarly in Instagram, you can edit videos too and you will get numerous likes.

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