How People Are Making Quick Bucks With Mobile Apps?

How People Are Making Quick Bucks With Mobile Apps?

Mobile development has increased multi-folds since the smartphones revolution. Smartphones being an integral part of our lives is one important source of revenue for mobile developers. App stores have come up with millions and millions of applications with different categories and purposes as of now. We must be wondering how to start about developing the mobile app. Below is the guide to help you out.

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Steps to start with mobile development

Platform for revenue comparisons- Platform for development of application includes an operating system (OS) and such other set of processors, software/hardware environment, crucial to developing the app.  For example, mobile browser, Windows 8, IOS, Blackberry, and Android are the most known ones. In terms of earning potential Apple leads the league leaving Android behind.

Register with app store After the picking up the platform to develop the app on, you would require registering on the selected app store. Apple app store, Google play store etc., for example, have their own terms and conditions for registration as an app developer or publisher. It would also cost you some bucks to buy the membership. It is done to avoid fishy and to prevent spoiler apps to be published. As of now, membership on Apple app store will cost you more bucks than Google Android store.

Category After registering yourself on the app store, you have to select which category you are willing to develop an app for. Categories include- business and productivity, enterprise, health and fitness, social network or others. You must analyse the categories based on earning potential. As of now, highest earning categories include enterprise and others.

Developing the product After selecting the category, it is also advised to analyse the most installed and highest and lowest earning apps in the chosen category. It is important so as to keep a check that you aren’t developing something of no use or something that has already been failed. App development Melbourne has all the expertise to help in this.

How to make money with a free app?


We know there are millions of free as well as paid apps available on the app store. The paid ones have a defined purpose and developed for the particular set of consumers. They are already limited in terms of a number of customers and downloads. The question is how do one makes money with mobile app development? Especially in the case of free apps.! The following pointers can help us identify points of earnings that encourage developers for developing more and more apps for users.

  • Freemium– This one is the most basic way of earning through the mobile app. It includes making the free version with basic features and locking the advanced features. The users when finding the app interesting and more worthy will have to purchase the advance version from the app store.
  • In-App purchases– Another known method is the In-App purchase. It includes such functionalities that would require the user to pay and if the app is worth interesting to the user, he will need to pay to get that extra from an app.
  • Ads– Another way, which includes, the ads displaying while using the app. It is paid for per user click in such case.
  • CPI Networks– It refers to the Cost Per Install mechanism. Higher the install, more the earnings. It requires a rigorous app promotion and if successful, can lead to a high earning out of the app development.

Factors to consider while selecting app development

  • Selecting perspective customer group– You must first decide on the perspective customers group you want to develop an app for. App related to studies or basic leanings are more of use (not limited to) for students. Similarly, app related to shares and mutual funds market would be more useful for business class or others.
  • Purpose of developing the application– This defines the specific goal for app development. For example, selecting a larger group as perspective customers is not going to help us but defining the specific purpose to develop even if for a smaller niche of customers will be more useful. Latter has the higher earning potential.
  • Reach to the prospective users–  This includes the selection of single and cross platform for app development. The more platforms you develop an app for, the more will be the reach to the customers. However, the cost may also triple up for in case of cross platforms.
  • User experience– It is vital to keep in mind. Though ads are going to get you some earnings if it is spoiling the user experience while using the app, it will irritate the user and make him uninstalling the app right away.

Cost v/s profit analysis

The success stories of apps like Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, Tinder and others shall make you willing to chase the mobile development market. But the idea behind developing an app is must be user engagement. It must have such features or uses that would make using the app repeatedly. App development Melbourne is one of the sources to help you stand out the crowd and write your own mobile app success story.

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