Huawei Y9 Feature and Reviews

Huawei Y9 Feature and Reviews

Huawei Y9 mobile phone FCC post fingerprint + dual camera

In May last year, Huawei launched the Huawei Y7, a mobile phone that targets the entry-level market. The main product is a long battery life. Today, the phone has been on the market for nearly a year, and it is time to update it. Recently, foreign media broke the news that the new Huawei Y9 has appeared in the Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as the FCC). Some configuration parameters have also been exposed. Let’s take a look.

Huawei is about to release its new flagship P20 series this month. At the upgrade of high-end models, Huawei Huawei Y9, another mid-range Huawei handset, will be launched soon. The famous newsman Evan Blass recently revealed Huawei’s official poster, and this phone also appeared on the FCC’s certification page.

However, in the FCC real machine map, there is a great gap between the rendering of the picture, this is an ordinary full-screen mobile phone design, the front design is a standard 18:9 full-screen design, appearance is quite satisfactory, it is worth noting that The front is equipped with two cameras to form a double camera, plus two cameras on the back, Huawei Y9 is equipped with a total of four cameras. The back of the body is made of metal and looks much textured. Huawei Y9 has no extra design elements and its visual experience is simple and refined.

In addition, foreign media broke the news that Huawei Y9 will be built 3500mAh battery, compared with the previous generation of 4000mAh slightly shrink, but in exchange for a thinner body and lighter weight. It is reported that this Huawei Y9 is equipped with post-fingerprint recognition and front and rear dual camera. At present, there is no official news on Huawei Y9, let us look forward to it!


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