OnePlus 5T Reviews

OnePlus 5T Reviews

OnePlus 5T heavy broke the news, only you can think! Today, Liu Zuhu asked micro blogging in 2017 is not popular to remove the headphone jack, which led to speculation of major users, is Peter want to headphone jack in the OnePlus 5T gone

Yesterday, foreign media reported OnePlus 5T has opened the pre-sale, presumably this should be a fake, but there is a unitize broke some pictures, is expected to add a 5T configuration is a full screen +2000 million double shot, maybe Is this configuration, Liu Zuhu drying out a recent proof, suggesting that a plus 5T This is the shot, so a lot of fuel feeling “I bought a fake plus a cell phone.” All think I bought a mobile phone to buy early. Peeing to an Ann Bunny ran sub screen shots, from the screenshot we can see a plus 5T specific model A5010. The screen uses a 18: 9 screen, the specific resolution of 1080X2160.

Also, there is even a plus 5T pre-order interface on a foreign shopping website. The interface shows a plus 5T design and parameter configuration. We can see at a glance the specific parameters of this new machine.

It is reported that the new machine will use a 6-inch 18: 9 screen, Snapdragon 835, up to 8 + 128GB memory portfolio, 20 million pairs of camera, and 3450mAh battery. The appearance of a plus 5 is quite similar, replaced by a higher proportion of screen design, post-fingerprinting. Do you expect it? Welcome to first-line technology, we will bring you a more detailed evaluation.

  1. 28 days is a plus five t the release date, no accident plus one plus five t is running Andrews 8.0, plus one and three and three t have eaten Oreo, so a plus five of the 8.0 will come out before 11.28 This should be deserved, but if again bounced, too unkind. Do not know whether never settle can arouse people’s hearts of resonance.

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