Top 10 Mobile Phones You Should Include in Your Purchase List in 2020

Top 10 Mobile Phones You Should Include in Your Purchase List in 2020

If you are thinking it is finally time to change your phone, but not sure what to buy, or you are in a dilemma, my advice is to just go for it. With so many smartphones out there to buy from you can just steal the deal. I am listing out such mobiles you can buy this year.

One Plus Concept One

One plus is about to launch yet another phone this year which has a lot of hype with it. This is mainly due to its invisible camera, which uses the same tech as a McLaren and Boeing air jets. If you are a speed racing fanatic like me, then I know for sure you will just grab it for the sake of that. Keeping aside, the invisible camera module, one plus would not be a disappointment with its never settle formula. So, if you want a flagship phone with higher functions at a reasonable price, you can choose this, that’s a buy-buy.

Realme S1 pro

Realme s1 pro is one such phone which comes under must have list for this 2020. A stylish phone with an alluring design and with this standoff model you can really style like a pro. It comes an excellent camera if that is your top priority, so buy it and start clicking.

Oppo F15

Oppo is about to launch its new smartphone Oppo f15, it has a well finished sleek bodice and astral design, comes in three different colours, silver, midnight black and dark blue. It has 8GB RAM that works out for gaming, and high-performance applications, so add it to your list and flaunt it your way.

Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mobile Phones expected to launch Mi Note 10 in India, at the start of the year. It’d be packed with 5260mAh battery and at a size of 6.47 inches. It has about 6 GB RAM with 128 GB of internal storage. With expected Snapdragon 730Processor, it showcases as a powerful smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite

We all know that Samsung is planning to launch lighter versions of its High-end smartphones, though some hardware might be a compromise, it still is an impressive smartphone with infinity display and multi grade security with it your data is secure like never before, so go for it.

Vivo X30

You need to get it just see what 5G is about, and what’s got to offer, so it’s a go you can buy it. Keeping aside 5G, it has other features that might woo you, like face unlock, storage, battery capacity, and latest android version, seriously, what more can you ask, in an affordable price. Just buy it.

Oppo Reno 3

Another such mobile holding 5G technology is Oppo Reno 3, it was launched at the end of December.  It runs on Android 10, powered by 4500mAh battery with fast charging. It comes with dual nano sim and face unlock with 128 GB storage. This has four variations of misty white, Moon night black, sunrise impression, Blue Starry Night

Samsung  Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung’s another one of the lighter versions is S10 lite, with a prograde camera that comes with ultra-wide lens it lets you take steady images. Experience the swift speed with the snapdragon QUALCOMM 855 processor. This ought to be on top of the list, if we are making a list.


After the launch of LG’s G8x, the brand is back in the game, it has a detachable dual screen, which acts as a great tool to multi task and you could see and do offbeat things at once, It might end upon the pricey list, but it’s definitely worth mentioning and have enough juice to make it on top.

Oppo A9 2020

Oppo has definitely proved its significance more than once now, A9 2020 just falls under the same account. It offers best feature in town at an affordable price, with high RAM and storage it offers a stellar design with packed performance. If you love light weight designs with stylish outlook then it is the phone for you.

You may never get to the end of it, talking about smartphones expect these are the models that were worthwhile mentioning. At the end of the day, you are gonna use it, so you should be the judge of it.

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