Upcoming Nokia mobiles Phones In 2017 And 2018

Upcoming Nokia mobiles Phones In 2017 And 2018

Yesterday, Nokia just boasted a meal, to his great accomplishments well boasted a lot, but also because recently heard of Nokia mobile phones finally return, looking forward to it when the grand occasion, but today was exposed a comprehensive configuration, Nokia’s new Phone model D1C, but also a big one small two versions, and iPhone exactly the same, and the configuration is also almost the same.

According to the latest news, HMD Global will launch a big marketing plan as soon as 2017, indicating that Nokia will not announce a new machine until next year.

HMD Global partnered with Mother Corporation, the largest independent advertising company in the UK, which will be in charge of launching a new generation of Nokia smartphones in 2017.

According to IT House reported before foreign media sources said Nokia’s two new Android machines are the Nokia C1 and Nokia P1, high-grade metal body design, or retain the familiar Nokia flavor, equipped with Android 7.0 system, a paragraph is 5.2 Inch screen, a 5.5-inch screen, but the screen resolution is not confirmed, there may be a fingerprint recognition module, and an upgraded version of the Z-Launcher UI, background tasks and touch interactive elements to enhance.

HMD Nokia handset maker from Microsoft previously in North Vietnam factory in Vietnam, currently managed by Foxconn. According to the previous Nokia, HMD, Foxconn tripartite agreement, Foxconn acquired Microsoft Vietnam factory, including global sales and distribution network, then expected to be used to produce the latest Nokia Android phones

Nokia brand mobile phone is about to return, which is indeed worth the wait for the majority of Nocturna, after rumors of Nokia branded phones will be the earliest in the fourth quarter of 2016, but from Nokia’s new machine only the world’s sole manufacturer and distributor of HMD Global’s action From the point of view, this year we will not see the Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia new phone back shell

Small size of the Nokia mobile phone with 5 inches 1080p touchscreen, running memory is 2GB, the camera is pre-8 million rear 13 million pixels, large size plus version will increase the screen to 5.5 inches, the resolution remains unchanged, At the same time run the memory upgrade to 3GB, the main camera upgrade to 16 million pixels. At the same time, both phones are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 eight-core processor (clocked at 1.4GHz) and Adreno 505 GPU, Xiaobian just want to ask one, that good 835? This configuration does not know whether the price will fall below a thousand, here Xiaobian mercilessly compared it with the iPhone, but it looks not so appalling.

C114 Barcelona, February 26 evening news (Aisi) Mobile handset makers have chosen to release their flagship handsets during the event MWC, an annual event in the mobile technology arena, nothing new. But today, we are welcome to return to the smartphone battlefield of Nokia (now the brand has been authorized to HMD Company). How much is still some feeling?

Of course, not long ago, HMD has officially returned to the domestic smartphone market with Nokia 6, and record well, many ordinary consumers are still full of expectations for the Nokia mobile phone. Of course, not just consumers, the global media is keenly concerned about Nokia’s return to the mobile handset market. C114 is fully experienced today at the conference.

An hour before the opening of the conference, many media outlets have started lining up for about half an hour with teams at least 100 meters away. You know, actually four o’clock in the afternoon the temperature is not so warm, or even cold.

However, we have waited for a long time, today did not wait for the legendary high-end models Nokia 8 but waited for two low-end products Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 and the Nokia Classic 3310.

Nokia 6 is available worldwide

Nokia returned to the mobile phone market, the first step in the choice of the Chinese market. And HMD also announced the Nokia 6 mobile phone in China at the scene record: over a million scheduled, 23 seconds sold out, up to 97% customer satisfaction … Today, Nokia officially on the eve of MWC 2017 Announced that Nokia 6 will now be sold worldwide, with an average selling price of € 229. And, to celebrate the worldwide launch of the Nokia 6 series, HMD also announced the launch of the Nokia 6 Black Limited Edition

Nokia 5 and Nokia 3

In addition to announcing the global launch of Nokia 6, HMD also announced the release of two new Android smartphones – Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. This is two very satisfactory phone.

Among them, Nokia 5 equipped with Android 7.1.1Nougat system, integrated aluminum pillow body design, all fit 5.2-inch IPS high-definition screen, the screen material using Corning gorilla glass, 13 million-pixel autofocus dual-tone flash rear Camera, 800-megapixel autofocus front camera, the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octet processor. The product is available in four color versions: Matte Black, Silver, Brilliant Blue, and Copper,

Figure: Nokia 5 real machine map

The Nokia 3 configuration to be lower than his brother to some: the whole body polished aluminum alloy with the 5-inch full-fit display, the surface Corning gorilla glass, front and rear cameras are 800-megapixel wide aperture. Nokia 3 will launch four color versions: matte black, silver, bright blue and copper,maxresdefault

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