Well Known Resources for Android Developers

Well Known Resources for Android Developers

One of the interesting fields to make career in is Android App Development. The android developer ecosystem is flexible as it has a vast community where developers keep on sharing tips and tricks. This article includes the list of various online resources that are useful for android app developers in order to keep themselves updated about the industry and to sharpen their skills.

Online Resources that cover latest news about Android development:

Android weekly:

This is a very useful newsletter which includes everything from articles, tutorials, videos and other things such as GitHub Libraries. It is one of the most recommended subscriptions for Android developers.

Android hive:

It can be considered as the one stop shop for Android’s latest updates.So, don’t forget to check this latest hub for any latest android updates.

Google Developers Twitter Account:

Twitter is the most widely used social media platform as compared to other social media channels. It provides latest updates about Android that are useful to developers to stay updated with Android platform.

Android collection:

Android medium is used to provide rich content that is available from Android publications, bloggers and lay members of the internet.

Several tips, tricks and tutorials to boost developer’s skills:


It is a website that offers programming tutorials that are useful for android developers. It contains everything from debugging Android apps to using Google Maps Android API.

Android developer Hub:

It is the official android website that contains several tools useful to the android developers. It also contains various training tutorials, downloads, code samples and a complete library package.

Android Open Source:

Another part to shape android development skills is the availability of complete source code absolutely free of cost. The Android open source site provides every required information that is used to create custom variants of the Android stack.

It also contains various guides for carrying out several different actions with the Android source code such as running Android emulator, Google groups discussion and various projects like porting Android to new device.


It is Android’s learning center where experienced Android developers share their tutorials, videos, guides and tips. These can also be made available on your email id just by signing up for email updates on the website.


It is a community of Android developers where each question is responded quickly with the answer from any of the experienced developers. Here, developers love to answer each others questions.

Stack Overflow:

It is one of the online platforms where developers get engaged with each other. Various professionals and programming lovers, keep asking questions to which experienced people reply with their answers.

It is one of the well known platforms that gives good knowledge about Android development and solves every query with appropriate answers.

Git Hub:

It is one of the vast code host existing communities having more than 22.7 million code repositories. Here, new android developers can easily get in touch with the experienced ones and then learn several interesting programming objects thus making it joyful to work with Android.

So, with this we are sure that Android App Developers will definitely get proper knowledge about developing apps for the android platform and they will be able to get answers to all of their queries. Hence, if you are an Android developer and you need proper guidance then these resources will be helpful to you.

Further, well known Android App Development Companies can also get their employees trained by asking them to use various resources which can boost their skills.

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