10 Must Features to be Included to Make a Better Mobile App

10 Must Features to be Included to Make a Better Mobile App

The whole world is pursuing through the mobile-first technological standards and the technological development curve in nowadays sloping towards mobile usability. Thus for all the individuals, business entrepreneurs and organizations, mobile apps became a preeminent thing to involve in their operational tasks. With the speed, security and easy user interface, mobile apps help to simplify various complex works.

If you are an owner of the mobile app, it is important to update the features to make it user-friendly and to bolster the security and conversions that can streamline a huge number of customers. There are some new things to try out in your own mobile app and discussion about the technologies in the mobile app below. You can easily hire mobile app developers to integrate these distinctive features to deliver a productive app.

Incorporating A and B testing

This is one of the best and effective ways that should be done during the app development process which can result in a better choice to enhance the app features. This testing can be done in the development process by rolling out two groups A and B. One group is allowed to check out the features of existing app without any changes and verifying any malfunctions in the running of the app. Another group is made to oversee the experimental version of the app. Thus by testing with two different groups developers can aware about their work process, what are the additional needs and not and finally they will deploy the winner from the two groups. Using this test, technical integration can be enhanced which allows doing live changes in the app for a better release.

Personalized notifications

Does anyone hate to swipe off the notification in their mobile, which tries to make a personalized conversation with them? Absolutely No! Push in notifications always have high engagement rate, in which can be developed in a way by connecting users profile information such as name, location, gender, and other parameters. This will make users having a personalized conversation.

In-app chat support

Support solutions for mobile apps are a must thing that can help the customers and will lead to increase conversions and user engagement. With a separate chat future with the app owner, the user has an option to clarify their queries about the usability and other features of the app directly with the developers. By these support solutions, you can drive your audience more effective through a mobile-driven way.

Notifications based on user’s behavior

This is somewhat same like the personalized notifications, but this is a bit more tailored and focused on creating a targeted session with the user while the app is in open access. These in-app notifications are the messages that sent in response to the personal user actions so that they will feel a natural conversation that connects with them. It can increase prompt purchases and stimulate the users to extensively use the app features.

Add touch login options

Nowadays users feel more comfortable with their gadgets, even swiping or typing their password numbers turned out into a cumbersome process for them. To eliminate this, adding touch login option is the best way to provide more convenience to the user. It means login with the user’s fingerprint, so the app should be build using fingerprint sensor login. For ios app developing, touch ID is available through touch ID API and other Local authentication frameworks.

Incorporate Android pay and apple pay

For integrating payments, payment guidelines should be checked for the app development. For Apple pay, the user just doesn’t need to pass on through different payment gateways and get buffered, a single tap is enough to make the payment. Android pay has a different process and the app developer should follow the path of Android pay API and Google play services library to configure the project.

Make apps to access the device functionalities

Your app will get better function if it is able to access all the random functionalities of the mobile such as camera, GPS, microphone etc. By developing the app with Android and apple API frameworks, the app will get various accesses to those functionalities so that it can increase the efficiency and user experience of the app.

Login through APIs

Various websites need registration process for the users to sign in to their website, but it is always a tedious process to fill up the application details all the time for various websites. To eliminate this hassle, API was incorporated. So it is better to develop the app by using the login with Facebook or Google option to enter the app so that it will be much easier to sign in random websites for the user.

Deep links to drive visitors to the app

Deep links are just using to drive the visitors and they are included in various contents like articles, product sites, and subpages etc. By enabling these deep links for the app in various sites, it will be more possible to get traffic for the app. It can be handled using a normal URL.

Integrating the ios products

IOS is built in a way that all the devices can interconnect making apple family. So to increase the app’s footprint, the developer should prefer to do the app that an iPhone app can work for ios watch, Apple TV and other products etc.

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