3 Essential Features Of Taxi Booking App Development

3 Essential Features Of Taxi Booking App Development

As soon as people read about Taxi mobile app Uber, Ola, and Lyft come to their minds. These three are immensely successful taxi booking apps that have created a user base in different parts of the world. If you are planning to get a taxi app, here some of the essential features that are a must. Before coming to the features, you must know, doing the app development process right can help you attain exponential growth. You can reach out to a top taxi booking app development company in the USA, maybe a mobile app development company in Tampa, to get your app development done. You can even get app specifically to helo delivery drivers like gig apps for drivers to check out their earnings from different gigs as well as help them pick the gig that is more profitable. Here is a list of features you must ask your app development agency to put in:

Pick Up and Drop location

Pick Up and Drop location is one of the vital elements for mobile app development. While a cab booking application is being developed you must ensure that it has the ability to detect the location of customers automatically. People should also have the option to choose their pick-up location manually. And drop location selection allows the driver to reach the location with the help of integrated maps. It can also show the shortest way the driver can follow to reach the selected destination.

Choose Vehicle Type And Live GPS Tracking

Choosing a vehicle type is another vital feature that attracts a lot of people. When the ride is booking the ride, they can choose to travel to their desired location in the desired vehicle type. Having multiple vehicle options will let the users reach the location of their choice by being within the budget. Ask your iOS and Android mobile app developer to not miss this feature. Live GPS tracking, on the other hand, allows the riders to track their upcoming driver and lets the driver follow the best possible path to reach their destination.

Confirm Ride or Cancel Ride and Multiple Payment Options

A button to confirm or cancel the ride with the cab booking app will allow you to have final authentication from the users. It will save time and will optimise your process as the user can cancel the ride before the driver reaches the customer. Finally having multiple options to pay securely must be integrated into the app. Your mobile app developer can use third-party payment integration for the riders to pay online. Depending on the acceptable payment methods by country, the app developers can integrate payment solutions like debits/credit card payment, PayPal, UPI and more. The payment must be secure for the customers to feel safe.

Building a taxi booking cab like Uber will take the features mentioned above. Make sure you innovate as nobody is looking for a lite version of a more famous app. Also, make sure the iOS and Android mobile app you own is robust, functional, user friendly and looks good at the same time. Feel free to take help from a mobile app development company in Chicago to get the app development done.

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