5 Best Grammar Apps for Android
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5 Best Grammar Apps for Android

5 Best Grammar Apps for Android

Are you 100% confident in your Grammar abilities? Well, if yes, then it is superb. But, not all people are good at grammar. Many of us make mistakes when writing an article, essay, blog, email, tweet, social media post, or a legal document. Most writers don’t make grammar mistakes, but they use confusing words or create lengthy sentences.

It’s a painful reality, but it’s the facts.

In some cases, small grammar mistakes can be ignored. But sometimes, it can be catastrophic. Common English grammar mistakes can get you in trouble if you run an online business or plan for an interview. Just imagine if you are trying to win a million-dollar advertising account, but a silly grammatical error makes you look irresponsible in front of your clients. To prevent any of these scenarios, everybody should concentrate on improving their grammar a little bit.

There are several grammar courses available on the internet to help you improve your grammatical abilities. However, not all of them are supportive of mobile usage.

Android smartphones are now more popular than any other Operating System in the market. Today, we will share a couple of the best grammar-improving applications that you can use on Android.

Below you can find some of the best grammar apps for Android that concentrate mainly on English grammar.

Top 5 Best Grammar & Proofreading Apps for Android Users

We have tested the apps and only listed the best. Make sure that you go through the below apps and choose which suits you the best.

English Grammar in Use

Raymond Murphy, a grammar professor, has created an app called English Grammar in Use. It’s based on the same-named best-selling book. The app has a range of grammar exercises and lectures. It has a total of 145 grammar points in it. There are fewer features in the free version. The majority can be bought as in-app purchases. It is a very expensive grammar application for android. It is, however, definitely worth it, considering its creator. A lot of users have reported cases of glitches in the application. However, the vast majority of people seem to love it.


Grammarly is a free grammar application that is relatively recent. It’s a keyboard, just like Gboard or SwiftKey. Auto-correction is one of the functions. However, when you write, it tries to fix your grammar. Commas, verb form, misspellings, misused terms, and misunderstood words are examples of things it will suggest (like using instead of). The app was launched just a few months ago. Few glitches remain, and some functions, such as gesture typing, are also unavailable. However, we anticipate that those problems will be addressed in the future. At the time of publication, the keyboard was available for free, with no advertising or in-app transactions. This could shift at any point.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dictionary applications are a must-have for anyone learning English. They illustrate word meanings, word forms, pronunciations, and illustrations. There are also vocabulary puzzles, a voice search, a thesaurus, audio pronunciations, and other application features. All of the above functions are included with the free edition.

On the other hand, the premium edition contains more topical meanings (proper nouns, foreign terms), a full 200,000-word thesaurus, and no ads. This is one of the best dictionary applications available.


Udemy is a forum for online learning. It offers a wide variety of subjects, including cooking, technology, language, fitness, and many other subjects. Grammar courses are included in this. You purchase a course, watch the videos, and possibly learn some skills. They offer a wide range of videos on grammar, English, writing, and other topics. They differ in terms of consistency, cost, and length. To select good courses, you may need to read individual course reviews. The application, as well as some of the courses, are also online. However, the majority of the courses are fee-based.

English Grammar Test

The English Grammar Test is one of the most popular grammar apps available. It has a lot of content, with over 1,200 exercises in total. This is spread out throughout the app’s different ability levels, assessments, and other features. It also monitors your progress and points. This isn’t an app that you’ll be able to complete in a day or even a week. The app also has a very futuristic Design UI that wraps up the experience. The advertisements aren’t as invasive as some others. The application is otherwise completely free.


Writing error-free content is not that easy. It is human nature that they make mistakes when writing in a flow. No matter how many times you review it, you will always skip one or two errors to rectify and correct. These grammar checking apps and editing software help you track the mistakes and make suggestions to improve writing by removing lengthy sentences, unnecessary words, passive voice, and unexplained jargon.

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