6 Advantages of Mobile Apps for News Websites

6 Advantages of Mobile Apps for News Websites

More and more people are now accessing the internet via their mobile phones than desktops or computer systems. Stats have shown that in 2019, more than 50% of internet browsing is done via mobile devices and it is only set to grow in the coming years.

Similarly, blogs and online news publications have also witnessed a drastic upsurge in mobile readership in recent times.

With mobile applications, people get an on the go reading experience which has been made possible thanks to native mobile apps for news blogs.

News websites are some of the most views online publications and observing this trend, it will not be incorrect to say that this is the best time for news websites to turn their website into app.

Let’s discuss a few instant benefits of mobile applications for new websites.


1 – Enhanced User Experience

Native mobile apps are optimized to offer their users a premium experience. This is one of the best and most widely recognized features which hybrid apps cannot offer.

A native mobile app will give your readers a high-end and premium reading experience. They’ll be able to pinch and zoom for clarity and ultra-smooth scrolls for speed reading.

2 – Earn your reader’s trust

Being an online news publication, it is imperative that you earn your reader’s trust. And as we have seen, there is a high demand for news mobile apps. Offering your readers, a premium mobile application, exactly when they want it will strengthen your bonds with them.

This new offering establishes that your publication deeply cares about your audience. This strengthens and builds deeper connections with them.

Another premium feature of mobile apps that’ll help your further strengthen this bond is a direct communication channel with push notifications and internal messaging.

Mobile apps allow you to send customized push notifications to your readers on various special occasions and events that make them feel special by connecting on a personal level.

This will help you rapidly build a huge consumer-base that follows your news and will simultaneously pitch you as a thought leader.

Another added advantage of native mobile apps for blog and news websites is the feature called unified content management.

With this feature activated on your mobile application, you gain complete independence from content management for the app. This enables you to automatically sync all content from your website to the mobile app.

Any modifications made on the website, including every new news publication, category, and sub-category updates will automatically populate and reflect on the app in real-time.

3 – Effective Branding Medium

Mobile applications have emerged as a new aged branding tool. Your mobile app represents your brand.

Once your app is installed on your reader’s mobile device, your brand goes everywhere they go. Every time any user opens their mobile phone, the app icon is viewed by them constantly reminding them of your brand.

4 – Potent Marketing Channel

Another major advantage of push notification via apps is effective marketing and promotions. Send frequent push notifications to your readers via your app to promote your brand, latest articles, and news stories.

Easily send a push notification every time you publish a new news article and give them a link to that article for easy navigation. Your readership time will increase multi-folds with just this one activity.

Additionally, you can also monetize your viewership by promoting advertisers and affiliate partners for an added bonus.

5 – Social Media Integration

Social media has emerged as the new frontier for digital promotions. If you are not active on social media, then it is as good as having no digital existence.

Mobile applications allow easy integration of social media handles. Promote your brand and the latest articles on your social media handles. This will enhance your social following as well.

Additionally, enable easy-share buttons on your app to make your content even more sharable. Your audience will be able to easily share your content within their network that garners more eye-balls and eventually increases your reader-base.

6 – Real-time Analytics


Finally, mobile applications come with many analytical insights regarding their performance and user-behavior. Monitor and study how your users are responding to your articles and news pieces.

Easily study what news domain is being received well, is there any favorite author amongst your users? This will help you take informed business decisions and strategize future articles and news stories.


The world is moving to a mobile-first model, and you should too. We discussed a few advantages that news websites get when they turn their website into a mobile app. And this is just scratching the surface, the benefits of a mobile app over a vanilla website are immense. Build your news blog app with WordPress mobile app builder today!

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