6 Mobile App Launch Mistakes that you Kill your app in 2020

6 Mobile App Launch Mistakes that you Kill your app in 2020

Maybe your mobile app is a unique idea that hasn’t been launched yet. Perhaps it is something handy. But the fact that with millions of mobile apps in the app store, it will be challenging to market your app in the right direction.

Before you even launch the mobile app, there are a few things that you need to take care of first. If you don’t get serious about the launch of the mobile app, there is an excellent chance that your app will be doomed in the year 2020.

Here are the mistakes that you must avoid at all costs:

1.  Not Validating the mobile app idea

There is no guarantee that your idea will be an instant hit. So, what if you have a perfect product at the place? What you need is to validate that idea even before it hits the market.

You can do this by launching a beta version and monitor the response of the users. If the users love the app, you can go back on the drawing board and complete the app.
But, if the response is not right, you must brainstorm ways to find a niche for your mobile app. If you can validate the mobile app early in the process, it will be easy for you to iterate as much as you can and target it towards your potential customers.

2.  Underestimating the resources 

As simple as it sounds, app development is a tough nut to crack. Search for a professional mobile app development agency that knows the ins and outs of developing an award-winning mobile app.

If you have an in-house team of developers, sit with them and ask clearly about the timeline and the complexity of the mobile app. Before you give anything to the public, it is wise to get an idea from the people who are responsible for building the app.

If the developers think that the app needs more time, then give them more time. But this doesn’t mean that you compromise the quality of the app. From time to time, ask for a test version of the app so that you know what is happening with the app.

3.  Losing Sight of the Primary Goal

During the app development process, it is easy to get sidetracked by distractions. As the owner or the project manager, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the end-goal.
What is the core goal behind creating the mobile app? Does the app serve the purpose, or it is doing something else? Whenever you find the developer going south, it is your responsibility to redirect them to the right path.
As a developer, it is challenging to stay on track because there are enormous considerations that one needs to make before launching the app; that is why the founder needs to keep track of the path.

4.  A Threatening User Experience

Do you know that it takes 8 seconds (max) to drive the user away from the website? For a mobile app, the number is 4 seconds.

If the visitor is not able to find their thing in the first few seconds, this indicates that you’ll lose the battle in the future.

A delay, even if it is just for a second, can drop your conversation rate for sure.

Sure, app developers will find ways to make the app as complicated as possible to show-off their skills. But don’t make the mistake of creating a sophisticated mobile app. The user will not stick to the app just because you created it.

If there is a delay in user experience, it will drive the visitor away.

5.  Wrong Estimation of the development cost

There are tools available online that can help you calculate the estimated cost for developing the mobile app.
When you know what the estimated cost of will be building a mobile app, it will be easy for you to save some cost and keep things under budget.

The rule of thumb is not to estimate the cost by yourself. The tools are there for your help. Use the online tools to get the estimated cost and move forward, knowing the actual cost of development.

6.  Is the app helping customers?

Everything comes down to just one thing. Is the app solving the problem of the customer? Whether the primary goal is to earn money or get yourself busy, the end-goal should be to monitor how much change does your app brings in the lives of the customer.

Since customers are king, so it is necessary that you make the app in a way that serves the king. If the app is not solving a significant problem, then you must rethink the primary goal and make some changes to that goal. Because without the customer, your app will not survive that long.

An app is an indication that it will do something for the customer. If it is not serving its purpose, what is the point of creating an app in the first place?

Finishing it up

Creating a mobile app is something personal.

You know deep inside you that your app will do something good and in the process make you some good money, but you fear that if you make some mistakes in the early stages, it will be difficult for you to move forward with the app. Or, shortly, your app will be killed by customers.

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