Applications to Manage your Mobile Workforce

Applications to Manage your Mobile Workforce

Most Organizations are leveraging apps to effectively manage their workforce. Let’s look at 4 applications that are already being leveraged by leading enterprises & startups to manage their in-house & field employees.

4 Applications to Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Slack – Easier Internal Communication

Internal communication has always been a pain point for enterprises. But slack tries to remove this notion by offering some amazing features which will help any organization to effectively communicate with its employees.

It can be easily integrated with more than 2000 apps and has applications for various industries like IT, Engineering, Media, Customer Support & more which can easily help you manage your mobile workforce.

GotoMeeting – Easy Virtual Meetings

As the name implies, GoToMeeting is a useful app that is primarily used to conduct virtual meetings in an organization.

You can easily hold audio or video meetings with a few simple clicks on your smartphone/tablet. This enables you to manage remote employees/staff with ease. Some of the features that GoToMeeting offers are personal meeting rooms, unlimited cloud recording & meeting transcriptions.

allGeo – Field Management Simplified 

This amazing solution is primarily targeted towards field workers. It offers a gamut of easy-to-use mobile apps for multiple field-work specific use cases. Some of those apps comprise Field service inspection, safety, time clock, dispatch & visibility. One disadvantage of this solution is that all the apps are separate which can become quite confusing for field workers.

Datafi – A One-Stop-Shop Solution

Datafi is a powerful No code platform that helps you to build an enterprise-grade mobile application with ease. You can build multiple mobile applications for different business needs. But, that’s not all! Datafi offers a wide collection of industry-specific app templates.

So, building a mobile app for your industry becomes a whole lot easier. If you want to build a mobile workforce management app from scratch, use powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview to build and deploy an enterprise app within minutes.

These are 4 amazing applications & App Builders that will help you to seamlessly manage your mobile workforc

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