How Progressive Web Applications Are Enhancing the User’s Mobile Experience?

How Progressive Web Applications Are Enhancing the User’s Mobile Experience?

In this fast-paced world of technology, mobiles and Smartphones have taken over every other device. It has become the inseparable part of human life. There are millions of mobile applications available for almost every purpose. The main aim of these applications is enhancing the user experience. In the Mobile Industry, it has become a topic of debate, which one is more suitable, the progressive web application or mobile application?

Before concluding this, we must understand the meaning of progressive web application first. The progressive web app works like regular web pages or a website. These web pages have various functionalities and work exactly like native mobile applications. No installation is required for the web application. It works smoothly even on the flaky systems. It also has basic features like message pop-ups, offline working, loads on the tops and full-screen environment. These progressive web apps are also addressed as PWAs.

Some Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive apps are fast, reliable: According to Google, the users often leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load. The functionality of the progressive app is super fast. They are also reliable and users get instant and positive practice using these progressive web apps.

The progressive web apps are engaging

These Web apps increase engagement with the users. It remains on the user’s home screen and many pops up messages also appear on their screen through which they can communicate with your executives. These apps also push notifications on the user’s screen to expand commitment to your users. You can use these notifications for sharing important information with the users. These apps are very responsive and fit on almost every gadget.

Easy and quick to download

There is no need to download a new mobile app every time. These apps are available in very small size. You can simply download these apps. A prompt appears for downloading. After downloading you can easily add to the home screen.

Fast and safe updates

These web apps have the support of service workers. Therefore you can have easy access to the latest scripts as soon as they are available on the server. The PWAs are very secure because it comes with the safety features of HTTP. The HTTP is a hypertext transfer protocol secure.

Low-cost maintenance

Unlike the mobile applications the progressive app doesn’t need regular maintenance. You must have noticed that it is very expensive to maintain the native mobile applications but on the other hand, the PWAs are completely different. There are many factors that influence the cost of web application development. It is extremely easy to maintain these applications. It automatically gets an update. There is no need to release a new version of the application every time you want to update the app. According to the survey, it was stated that PWAs are more trustworthy and users feel secure while working with these applications.

The progressive apps are more financially savvy

As compared to the traditional web applications, these applications are more practical. It utilizes the web and has modules and APIS available to them. It has a higher rate of contrast with traditional applications because these apps are compatible with various gadgets. It has features that improve the consistency standards of the company in front of users. It requires very limited data for the access of progressive web apps. Independent Connectivity: It is impossible to have the access to the website if there is no internet connection, but when we use native apps it is possible to use them even without internet access. Similarly, A PWA allows you to interact with the app independently without the connection.


These applications can be easily adaptable; it enhances and improves the experience of users. It responds instantly with any lagging and scrolling issues. You can get rich user experience like that of the traditional mobile application.

Increases the Conversion Rate

Many companies have launched PWAs and they are already experiencing the increased conversion rates for their businesses. The Companies who were using an e-commerce website have upgraded to the PWAs. They are witnessing the rise in their conversion rates.

The progressive web application has already taken over native mobile applications. It would not be wrong to say that these progressive web apps will be the next big thing in the mobile industry.

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