Best 5 Helpful Apps for Students

Best 5 Helpful Apps for Students

Mobile apps have become the savior for many of us, especially the students who find many educational and social apps helping them breeze through their campus life. Such is the power of technology, especially mobile apps that a team of skilled developers make in the corner of a Professional software development companies, pulling an all-nighter like many of us did or do as students. 

Whether you’re a freshman struggling to manage course-work, or a survivor-last-year student wrapping up their college journey and looking ways to manage paper-writing; we have compiled a list of helpful mobile apps that are great tools for any student out there. 

1 Grammarly – Sort your grammar:

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For those writing long papers, research work or essays can utilize this tool that will go through your entire paper and highlight grammatical errors for you. Grammarly comes as a Chrome and Mac OS extension that will provide you with the basic grammar check throughout your session on the browser. But apart from this, it has three versions; free, Premium, and Grammarly Business. 

The free version comes with basic grammar checking features including spelling and it does the job. Moreover, you can also download the Grammarly Keyboard app for iOS and Android.

2. Duolingo – Learn multiple languages:


If you need to learn a language as a part of your course, or for other reasons – Duolingo is one of the best interactive apps for that purpose. This app features fun ways to educate yourself on any language; like it has stories that you can make use of to ace your comprehension. Moreover, it also comes with a built-in dictionary, words you have practiced, and a reminder of the courses yet to take. 

Best bit? It is free and available for both platforms – that is, Android and iOS. 

3. Flipd – Helps to Focus


Say the temptations of social media, endless loop of browsing, and chat notifications goodbye with the help of Flipd. This app will conveniently lock your phone for studying, sleeping, work, or any other important work for as long as you want. 

Best bit? If you give-in and use your smartphone before the unlock time, the app will shame you for being weak and giving in to the temptation. In case if you absolutely have to be on your phone for whatever important reason, or take a break then Flipd will remind you to come back with intervals. 

This app is also available on Android and iOS, both. 

4. Brainscape – Make digital Flashcards:


Just like making digital notes instead of writing them down on a piece of paper only to lose it, Brainscape allows students to make digital flashcards so they do not have to manually put in the effort and save their time. 

You can use Brainscape for free, however, its Pro version with extra jazz comes at a price of $10 per month. The Pro version allows you to bookmark your flashcards, reverse them, and make your classes private. Available on iOS and Android. 

5  EasyBib – Generate citations in MLA 


We know how arduous extracting citations are and to make your student existence a little more forgiving, EasyBib will do that task for you. It’s a web app to start with that generates citations in MLA for free. 

In addition to generating citations, it also checks for plagiarism and grammar. However, the free version is limited to just citing MLA, giving 20 suggestions for grammar and zero plagiarism checking. The premium version charges $10 a month and you get access to features including all of the citation styles for an unlimited time. EasyBib can be added to your toolbar in Chrome or any other compatible browser.

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