Blablacar Clone App Development – The Best Carpooling Platform For Your New Venture

Blablacar Clone App Development – The Best Carpooling Platform For Your New Venture

Features to consider before developing a Blablacar like business

With improving technologies and penetration of the Internet in daily lives, people are finding ways to complete their chores most comfortably. Gone are the days when people have to wait for hours to receive confirmation about their booked taxi, today the inception of mobile apps in the taxi industry has transformed the work structure. As demands for efficient technology and cheap solutions are neverending, taxi companies are incorporating new services to gain people’s attention. When you take taxi companies, for instance, Blablacar gained a spotlight by offering a complete carpooling service that its contenders included as an add-on service. 

Today, as the most successful long-distance carpooling platform, Blablacar has more than 80 million drivers and functions in almost  22 countries, including France and Germany. Founded in 2006, the company raised $400 million to date and is estimated to increase $1.6 billion in the coming years. The significant advantage that this solution offers is it helps to connect passengers, especially those looking for long-distance travel with drivers commuting in the same direction. This allows riders to cut short their expenses when compared to the cost that they would have to pay for hiring a separate cab. 

Besides, the average distance that the company has covered to date is 263 kilometers by satisfying nearly 25 million passengers. Recently, Blablacar announced that it is expanding its service by offering long-distance rides along with bus rides for various global customers. Thus revolving as a profitable business model, it has captivated the attention of many entrepreneurs and newbies to get into Blablacar clone app development.   

Why must you consider Blablacar business model?

As explained earlier, this is one of the cheapest solutions that you can offer and can immensely gain customers. With the increasing number of car-sharing app users and their demands, the requirement of carpooling is increasing day by day. The app’s business model is similar to other taxi business models, but here the car owner will decide the cost of the seats, which increases flexibility. 

However, before the driver determines this, the admin (you) will check and verify the personal details of the driver for security purposes. Once all the documents are verified and authorized, he/she can start the service. 

Also, when you have chosen to adopt this business model, you must also check for certain features and integrate those to maintain familiarity among the crowd. Make sure to not structure any complex navigation keys as it can ultimately falter the usability as well as the performance of the application. So, here are a few essential features to consider before the development procedures.

Registration procedures:

Unlike normal login and signup procedures, you can enable your users to directly login via social media accounts like Facebook, twitter. This can reduce time-consuming procedures. 

User policies:

You can enable your drivers to fix policies like no smoking or alcohol to maintain your professionalism. Also, options like gender preference can also be added to offer a safe and secure ride for individuals.

In-app communication:

To maintain feasible communication between users and other riders this feature is the vital one. People can exchange their personal info as well as the ride details to avoid any hassle that arises when checked for route or destination. Users can also discuss the ride details and other comforts regarded queries before the journey to avoid conflicts.

GPS integration:

This is one of the most vital features to be integrated as this helps in navigation. Admin, user, and driver can utilize this to know the movement of vehicles as well as know the ride’s arrival. In addition, riders can share their location details with their friends and families easily for safety.

Payment modules:

Be flexible in payment procedures i.e. allow both cash and cardless payments to make the procedure comfortable. Nowadays people mostly prefer net banking to do instant payments.

Push notifications:

Help your customers to get the information swiftly by intimating it through push notifications. You can provide information regarding ride’s arrivals, fare amount, and details about new offers and discounts to keep your customers engaged in the application. 

Apart from the aforementioned, you can also integrate a few more to increase your user-friendliness. But before that, you have to wisely choose your developing partner among the millions. And for this, you must research extensively. Check for portfolios, and engage with the company’s previous clients to know more about their works. And if you still couldn’t find the right one, check out Uber like app. They offer the best Blablacar clone at your budget.

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