Cloud Computing in Mobile Apps – Impacts and Challenges

Cloud Computing in Mobile Apps – Impacts and Challenges

Cloud computing is familiar to every digital user in recent days. This cutting-edge technology has made a revolution in the digital field. Cloud computing system helps using remote servers that are hosted on the internet. This advanced system has made managing, storing, and processing of data easy. Earlier, individuals used to save important data on personal computers or local servers. But this leads to the blockage of space.

Using cloud computing, it has become easy to boost the remote process taking the advantage of unlimited space on the internet. Presently you may have noticed a wide array of cloud computing applications used in a wide range of devices together with mobiles. MCC has wide use in education, healthcare, E-commerce, and Real Estate, etc.

Basics of mobile cloud computing

Mobile cloud computing is a common term in recent days. Cloud computing, mobile computing, and wireless network come together to deliver advanced applications to mobile. The fundamental concept behind developing this system is to make advanced mobile applications to execute on large numbers of mobile devices.

Features of cloud apps

You must have experienced the frequent uses of cloud apps. Here you need to know the built-in characteristic of these innovative systems.

  • The primary use of cloud infrastructure is to store data.
  • These apps enable to accommodate varied user requirements for developing cloud apps.
  • Users can easily access these apps either from a mobile or from desktops.

Impact or benefits of mobile cloud computing

Many are aware of cloud computing in Mobile Apps, but few know the benefits or impacts of these advanced technologies. Let’s check the benefits of cloud computing in various business areas.

1. Cost-effective

Mobile apps have great use in various businesses. But, all want the mobile apps for which they will need to pay less. You must have already set a budget for it, and hence cloud computing for mobiles is always the best choice. However, the price for these applications varied depending on the features, designs, complexity, etc. Still, these innovative mobile apps are cheaper than other applications.

2. Flexibility

The prime reason for the popularity of cloud computing mobile apps is flexibility. These applications help you in easy storage and retrieval of data whenever you require. You can access key data using the internet wherever you are in the world. As a result, you can get benefited from the smooth exchange of data.

3. Support multiple platforms

Using cloud computing mobile applications does not depend on the platforms that you are using on your mobile. These advanced applications can work on different platforms. Hence you can make use of these applications without hassle.

4. No need to install

Another advantage of cloud apps is that you do not need to download or install them on your mobile. You can access these apps on your browser wherever you go. So, you will find that these applications work like web-based applications.

5. All-time data availability

You will feel great while using cloud computing applications for mobile because you will access real-time data whenever you need it. So you will feel secure with the data and can make use of these as per your requirement.

6. Easy backup

While you are using mobiles, you are generating data continually. You will want the proper storage of these data so that you can retrieve them later. Cloud apps help in taking back-ups of data and keep them secured. Proper back up of data will help in on-time retrieval of data.

7. Time saver

Building cloud apps takes lesser time than other native applications. Hence, whenever you plan to develop your business, cloud computing is the best way to do that. Again, cloud apps make data retrieval easy. You can access your critical data whenever you need it. Hence you will feel great by saving your valuable time.

8. Easy data recovery

Data can get lost at any time due to any disaster. In general, once you lose your critical data, it will be tough to get them back. But cloud computing systems will keep you free from such worries. This advanced system keeps the data safe so that no mishap can destroy important data.

9. Challenges of cloud computing

Besides loads of benefits, cloud computing for mobile has faced lots of challenges too. So, before using these innovative applications for your mobile, you need to know the limitations of this technology.

  • MCC or mobile cloud computing faces the limitation of low bandwidth. The constraint mainly arises due to the limited coverage of radio waves. Different mobiles have got varied wavelengths. As a result, variations in wavelength is also another cause of facing low bandwidth.
  • Lack of security and privacy is another limitation of MCC. Cloud computing works on a wireless network that is more prone to data theft than a wired network. Hence you will find it tough to manage risks on mobile devices compared to desktops.
  • Sometimes you may face the problem of poor connectivity due to poor internet service. Cloud apps depend on internet connectivity. But if the connection is not superior, you cannot make proper use of these applications. Hence you always need to check whether the internet connectivity is up or not.
  • Usage of cloud computing mobile apps require immense energy. But mobile devices are not as strong as desktops. Mobiles are less powerful, and hence these need more power to operate. Cloud apps make higher usage of battery and can often suspend the device from working. It is also a big challenge using cloud applications for mobile.

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