How to convert you App Idea Into Reality

How to convert you App Idea Into Reality


Today, several entrepreneurs possess an innovative idea for a mobile app. They believe that their app ideas can make them successful and create a benchmark in the app industry.

They want to work on their ideas to convert into reality. Through an app, they either want to connect with the new audience or serve their existing customers. However, they are unaware of the steps and processes to be followed in the app development. The reason is they lack the knowledge and the expertise required to move forward in the process.

Therefore, we are providing the steps that we followed and served several companies in the app development process. We believe that these steps will also help you to proceed with your app idea and convert it into reality.

Write Down Your App Features

When you have an idea you should conceptualize it by preparing notes. Before you proceed with other tasks, you should write down the things that come in your mind relating to the app idea. Writing down things on a piece of paper will help you to focus and expand your app idea. Therefore, we recommend you to write down your app ideas several times and in different ways. With the help of this paper, you can discuss your app idea with the app development related persons such as developer, designer, investors, co-founders, and others. They will ask for that and you should provide them after signing NDA with them. This paper will act as evidence of your ownership in respect of the mobile app. While preparing a feature list for your mobile app you should focus on including unique features that will help make your app successful. You should focus on preparing clean and easy to understand notes.

Perform the Market Research

After the completion of your app feature list, you should conduct detailed market research for your app. It will help you to identify your competitors, current trends and market requirements. You should make sure that there are no similar apps in the market. If there are similar apps, yous should their reviews, rating and users feedback on the app stores. You should investigate those similar apps and try to find out the functions and features that are missing in them. You should conduct serve to identify the expectations and changes the users want in a new app. Based on there you should customize your app feature list.

Identify the App Users/ Audience

Firstly, when you proceed with the app development process, you need to identify the audience who will use your mobile app? Your app users can belong to a particular industry, region, gender, age group, existing customers, income group, specific profession, or any other group. You should collect the statistical data of the audience based on that you can identify their priorities, likes, dislikes and others. Identify your audience will help you to redesign your mobile app with the features and make it available to them. You can conduct a focus study on your mobile app to identify the likes and dislikes of the audience. Based on their feedback, you can customize your mobile app. Your app moves around user engagement. A mobile app is said to be a success based upon the number of installation and retention rates by the users.

Identify the Monetization Strategies

Money acts as the biggest motivator and reward for every person. You can generate money through your mobile app in several ways such as subscription fees, In-app purchases, In-app ads, sponsorships, and other ways. You need to identify the way that is suitable for your app, users, and market. If you are willing to launch a paid app on the app stores, then it will not work. You can launch your app free of cost with an In-app purchase option to avail of the additional features of your app. In-app ads option is not provided with many apps because of the user experience. The user data that you have collected in the early steps can help you to generate indirect money. If your idea and present are effective you can easily find sponsors for your app. It becomes important for your app further growth you have to select 1 to 2 techniques of earnings that can provide you good returns.

Create a Rough sketches / Wireframes

Probably, this might be your first time, that your proceeding on your app idea. You might not be aware of the app development process. Therefore, to implement on your app ideas you should start with preparing rough sketches/wireframes. Creating rough sketches/ wireframes for your mobile app will help you define your app idea and identify the requirements of your mobile app. You can prepare sketches and wireframes using pencils and paper, but there are free designing tools available online that makes your work easier. Designing tools such as Buildfire, Photoshop, Balsamiq, and other tools. Preparing wireframes for your app will provide you an overview of the performance of your app. With the help of that, you will be able to customize your app features and functions. Wireframes will provide your app development process in an appropriate direction. For these, you don’t require any skills or experience, but you should have an understanding of how to use navigation.

Hire a Developer

According to Piyush Jain founder of Simpalm, Once you have decided feature list for your app, you should identify the developers having experience and expertise in app development. You should search for the local developers as well as global developers. You should ask for their experience in the app development and their price quotes. Based on that, you should shortlist 3 to 4 of the developers and consult your app with them. You should share the wireframes with them, but without signing NDA. A good developer will always evaluate your app details and ask you lots of questions before proceeding with the process. You need to ensure that their questions are properly answered for a better communication of your app ideas. Before you select a developer, you should compare their pricing, past performances, time, testimonial, and their willingness to work on your project. Finally you will find the best developer for your project.

Complete the UI/UX

Once you have chosen your app development partner, you need to focus on building UI UX designs for your app. The fully developed wireframes, which you have prepared in the early stages. These wireframes will help you to visualize your app features, screen, and app flow. After reviewing the wireframe, you can add and remove features. You should focus on creating visual designs of your app. It will give color, fonts, themes and enabling appealing visuals to your app. This step will provide you with the final picture of how your app will look like your app. After the completion of UI/UX, you should ask them to reevaluate the time and cost of the development process. If there is an increase in the duration, then you have to arrange for more funding. You have to reduce some features and functions in your mobile app.

Develop and Test Your app

Ensure that the developer has started developing your app. You should timely ask them about the progress of the app development process. You can test the app and provide them feedback accordingly. It is important for you to ask QA from the developers when they proceed with the development process. You can control the quality, cost, and duration of the development process. You can easily understand whether your app needs any sharp changes. You can get the help of your friends in the testing process. If you discover any feature for your mobile app, you can discuss it with the developer and ask for the estimated time and cost. If the innovation fits your budget, then you can get it done.

Launch and Market Your app

Now, when you have a full-featured mobile app, you should launch it on the desired platform Apple store, Google Play store or both. You also need to market your app to make the people aware of your mobile app. Before you start app marketing you should consult with an expert. You can start marketing your app through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can connect with a large group of people and introduce them to your app. You can connect with the reporters and bloggers who are interested in writing about your app features and functions. If you can extend your app budget, then you can hire an app marketing agency.

Gather Market Response

Once your app is successfully launched and marketed on the app stores. Now, you should start to collect user data, market response/feedback. These data will help you to identify the demand of your mobile app in the market. Through the reviews and feedback of the users on the app store help you to identify the effectiveness and efficiency of your app. If you collect a positive response on your mobile app, you can start planning for the next phase. The above-mentioned steps are included in phase 1.

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