COVID 19 Pandemic – How it is Revolutionizing The Mobile App Industry

COVID 19 Pandemic – How it is Revolutionizing The Mobile App Industry

Coronavirus outbreak has drastically affected the business industry, including the mobile applications sector. As the world economy has reduced to 42%, markets are presently experiencing the storm of recession. During the lockdown and social distancing, the world has become digitized and inclined more towards mobile technology. In the last three months, downloads of gaming, healthcare, grocery, banking, educational and social media mobile applications have increased significantly.

According to the Index of the Bifurcation of the Application Downloads, Android and iOS platforms have recorded 22 billion and 9 billion new application downloads respectively. Nowadays, mobile applications that are high in demand are Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and ZOOM cloud meetings. This blog discusses in detail how COVID 19 Pandemic has affected the mobile app development industry.

The Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak in the Mobile App Development Sector

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Here are the major impacts:

Gaming App Industry

It is getting quite difficult for people to stay at home every day without any interaction with the outside world. To entertain themselves, many are downloading gaming apps worldwide. This year, the downloads have recorded a rise of 40% than the average download rate of 2019. WinZO, a popular gaming platform for its varied offering has attracted 30% more traffic. Mobile Premier League is topping the charts as its total number of users has escalated by 400%. The exceptional rise in demand has grabbed the attention of many investors and paved the way for better business opportunities in the gaming app industry.

Food Delivery and Restaurant App Industry

COVID19 pandemic has highly affected the online food delivery market. The limited demand has extended the food delivery time. Restaurateurs dealing with online food delivery are planning and implementing different tactics to carry on operations regularly during the pandemic. UberEats, a well-known food delivery application is not charging delivery fees from local restaurants in Canada and the US. There are other applications that are not collecting commission fees from restaurant and delivery partners with the intention to revive the economy by approximately $100 million.

Grocery Delivery App Industry

During the lockdown phase, grocery delivery application downloads are witnessing massive growth. Downloads of Instacart and Walmart have escalated by 216% and 160% respectively. In such a critical situation, grocery delivery applications have proved to be extremely beneficial for customers by offering them a totally hassle-free experience.

Healthcare App Industry

As days pass by, new COVID19 cases are getting detected in various parts of the world. It is getting tough for hospitals and doctors to handle this critical situation effectively. To combat the spread of deadly coronavirus, they are providing valuable tips and suggestions to stay at home safely to users via healthcare apps.

DoClocker is a popular app that provides real-time reports to patients seeking medical assistance. Through this kind of app, patients can consult doctors for free of cost. Orbita has launched a virtual assistant, Orbita COVID19 to provide easy access to information related to the pandemic. The best part is that users do not need to pay any charge for access. Many a mobile app development company have taken the initiative to design powerful applications to ensure better healthcare without overwhelming the hospitals.

Video Conferencing App Industry

In quarantine days, people are downloading and using video conferencing apps to stay connected with others. Houseparty is a celebrated app that has witnessed a massive growth in downloads worldwide, mainly in Europe. Video conferencing apps are capable of influencing the daily habits of people. They can make the most of these apps during social isolation to socialize with their loved ones anytime by breaking all the geographical barriers.

Social Media and Entertainment App Industry

People who were not active in social media earlier have started using applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Many are downloading videos in large numbers from platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and Zee5 to keep themselves entertained inside four walls. TikTok has grown to be a favourite pastime among people of all ages as they can easily create and share funny videos with a few clicks. As per a report, more than 3 billion users spend their time on Facebook weekly. When it comes to the popularity of social media apps, Facebook tops the chart followed by WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

E-Learning App Industry

COVID19 pandemic has brought a noteworthy change in the educational sector as all schools, colleges, universities and training institutes are closed for the time being. During this crisis, all the teaching and training institutions are offering online education to students. The online teaching and training platforms are helping students to learn at their own pace from their homes. It is predicted that many institutes may transform their teaching method from traditional to fully internet-based in the future to make the entire learning process easy and enjoyable for students.

Health and Fitness Apps Industry

With the outburst of coronavirus across the world, the average time spent by users on health and fitness apps has increased. Headspace, a popular relaxation and meditation app have witnessed a massive rise of 90% in the time devoted to iPhones. People are finding solace from social isolation and dealing with boredom gained because of work from home by getting engaged more with their mobile phones. In the US, the famous Mayo Clinic app has recorded a stupendous rise of 200% of users spending time with it.

Why You Should Pick An App Development Company For Your Agency

The deadly coronavirus has severely affected each and every industry. Thus, they are striving hard to find alternatives to extend their outreach and promote customer engagement. An enriching mobile application is a great source for a business to win over maximum target customers. Business owners should put their optimum efforts to create and maintain a potent relationship with their audience via online platforms.

COVID19 pandemic, leading to online shift among people, has brought excellent opportunities for on-demand mobile applications related to gaming, education, video conferencing, social media, healthcare, fitness and more. As the future is uncertain, businesses should do whatever it takes to run their operations remotely, smoothly and successfully in this critical situation. Economy slowdown should not lead to discontinuing operations. Rather, businesses should work more now so they can revive fast and grow without any difficulty once the world gets relief from the deadly virus.

Are you planning to launch a robust and interactive app for your business? Get in touch with a reputable mobile app development company to fulfill your demand. This is also the right time to revamp your mobile app and fill it with rich features to strike a chord with maximum target customers.

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