Development of an On-demand Dating App – Essential Features that can come in Handy!

Development of an On-demand Dating App – Essential Features that can come in Handy!

Modern technology has created solutions for almost every problem faced by mankind. The world of dating has changed significantly with on-demand dating apps entering the picture. This market has proved to be an extremely profitable business venture. This app has caught the attention of most of the entrepreneurs across the globe. The dating market flourished upon the entry of apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. Day-by-day, the market for these apps continues to rise leading to a potential investment in this business.

If you are looking for Dating App development, some features of the app must be known. They are, 

Features of a Tinder Clone: 

Features can be classified as basic features and advanced features. While the basic features are common throughout, it is the advanced features that prove to be paramount during development. Let us discuss the features of the app here. 

Essential Features of the Dating App: 

  • Virtual Geo-Location: Dating apps require a virtual location of users to suggest matches in the locality of users.
  • Age-based Matches: By specifying the age of matches, users can be provided with suggestions of the same.
  • Gender Interest: By this feature, users can search for matches based on their gender interests.
  • Discovery Settings: This feature allows users to toggle between their availability. Whenever users feel that he/she isn’t available now or intends to take a break, he/she can toggle between the discovery settings. 

Advanced features of the Dating App: 

  • Chat with matched profile users: Once profiles are matched, the users are allowed to chat with each other using the in-app chat facility. 
  • Like, Super Like, Reject Profiles: With this feature, users can like, super like different profiles based on their interests. The super like feature would mean an increased interest of the user towards a profile. 

Summing up, 

This online dating business venture is facing an exponential growth rate. There is a void in the market that can be filled by developing user-friendly dating apps. The advanced features of the app can provide the cutting edge of the app over the existing ones. If you are looking for a custom-built dating app, Appdupe can provide you with a 100% customizable best tinder clone in the market.

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