Extensive Guide for Launching and Operating an Uber for Courier App Business

Extensive Guide for Launching and Operating an Uber for Courier App Business

The need to deliver courier is constant. People are finding it challenging to provide the parcel due to the outbreak of the deadly virus. People are afraid to step out of their homes, even for the essential. This is where Uber for the courier comes to the aid. It offers to pick up the parcel from the user’s place and drop it off at the location specified by the user. Users need not worry about the infection as the courier delivery process takes place in a ‘no-contact’ manner. It is not entirely possible to deliver without contact, so the packages are wrapped with a layer so that the package is not in direct contact with the delivery agents. 

People now prefer online courier delivery services as they deliver with minimal contact. It is an apt time to own these applications. This article will give insights into the aspects involved in developing courier delivery apps.

Steps to use the On-demand courier delivery app:-

  • Users can create a profile or log in using any of the social media options available.
  • Users can provide the pickup and delivery location.
  • Now users can enter details about the package like package dimensions, weight, and other details.
  • The assigned delivery personnel picks up the package from the location.
  • Users can track the agent using the real-time tracking feature.
  • User pays the payment either by COD or through online mode.
  • The parcel is delivered to the delivery location.
  • Finally, the user reviews the delivery service.

Some of the business elements to be considered for on-demand courier delivery app:-

Parcel delivery charge:-

People are concerned about spending a high cost of delivery. So the delivery app owner must have a nominal fee as a delivery charge to attract more customers. Especially during the beginning of the market, they should provide users with frequent discounts and offers. In order to attract more customers to have certain exclusive features like no delivery charge for the new customers and many more aspects should be incorporated. Once they are established in the market, app owners can modify the price to suit their needs.

Timely Delivery:-

People are still used to the traditional way of courier delivery services. The main disadvantage of this is that the delivery time is not certain. In order to lure customers to online courier platforms, they should ensure the timely delivery of courier. App developers should facilitate useful features like real-time tracking so that users can monitor the package.

Points to consider while developing the courier delivery & tracking app

  • Choose an app layout:-

Before the development stage of the app, the developer must decide the layout of the app. The structure should be widely spaced so that the users do not face inconvenience using the app. Select the app layout that satisfies your business needs and long time goals.

  • Features:-

Decide on the features for the app as the features are vital to attract the user attention. Make sure to include the features that are present in the competitors’ app.

  • Business limits:-

Decide on the audience or the customer to focus. If the focus is on a broader audience, try to include factors like Multilingual support, multiple platform support, and many more.

  • Develop the courier services app:-

There are two ways to develop the application. The first method involves hiring a team of developers and building the app from scratch. This method is time-consuming and requires a substantial amount of resources. Once the development is complete, the app owner has to manage the upgradation and maintenance.

The second method involves using the ready-made Uber for courier solutions offered by leading app development companies. The app owners can acquire a fully functioning app with all the advanced features by opting for this method.

Additional aspects that the developer must incorporate into online courier delivery platforms:-

  • Interactive UI

The user interface should be attractive as it is the end that is visible to the users. The app must be easy to navigate for that it should have the advanced filter and sorting options. Through this, the user can select the apt service they require.

  • Social media login

Nowadays, everyone has an account on social media sites like Facebook, etc. Users can log in to your app through the social media option within seconds. So this feature will reduce the time spent in providing the necessary information for registration.

  • In-app verification

The app should have an in-built verification procedure using which the delivery agents will be verified. Once they register with the app, they have to upload their documents for verification. After approval, they will be allowed to take up package deliveries. This will gain the trust of the customers.

  • Package Tracking

The customer should be able to track the package, for which live tracking must be included. From time to time, photos of the courier will be sent to the customer. They will also receive text messages from the drivers on the delivery status. 

  • Contact information

    The details of the assigned personnel and the feedback given by other customers should be available to the users. Users can also contact the agent for their queries as per their convenience.

  • Surge prices:

When there is a high demand for delivery to a particular area, the prices will be based on that demand. Accurate algorithms are incorporated into the app to calculate the price for delivery.

Let’s look at the must-have features in various panels:-

Admin panel

  • Information about every customer
  • Delivery status management module
  • Option to modify content and post advertisements
  • In-app ability to connect with customer
  • Updated order records
  • Earnings module

Users panel

  • Social media login for hassle-free signup and sign in
  • 24/7 customer support
  • In-app chat, allowing users to communicate with delivery agents.
  • Multiple platforms support so that users can use the preferable modes.
  • Edit orders so users can change the address and other details.
  • Users can share their experiences with feedback and ratings.
  • Push notifications for updating users at every stage of the order progress.


It is beneficial for the users and the owners to deliver courier delivery applications, especially during these tough times, when it is essential to communicate with our loved ones and business owners. It ensures significant business expansion as more people are opting for these platforms. The courier service delivery app development process is tedious; it is challenging to develop an app from scratch. Business owners can make use of ready-made solutions and expand their business. Some of the leading app development companies provide clients with the white-labeled app with all the attractive features.  Business owners can make use of these apps for managing their business.

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