Why Opting for Gojek Clone Development is an Innovative Idea?

Why Opting for Gojek Clone Development is an Innovative Idea?

Creativity and innovation are gaining more momentum with time. Uber was a pioneer when it came to on-demand oriented services. Business people are brainstorming ways to optimize their business via smart technologies. Many are cleverly leveraging the power of the now dominant mobile applications.

To quote a unique instance, an ambitious Indonesia based businessman, NadiemMakarim conceptualized a platform called Gojek through which a multitude of on-demand services could be offered.

Launched half a decade back, now the Gojek app accumulated almost a colossal figure of 30 million downloads in two years. At the time of launch, Gojek offered customer-oriented services with a fleet comprising merely 20 vehicles. Now it has more than 1 million drivers offering 18+ on-demand services, and this is bound to expand exponentially.
There is something special when we speak about Gojek’s business model. When we take a given app that offers only one service, its earnings are hampered if the performance backfires. However, in the case of Gojek, there are several revenue-generating streams.

Thereby as a super app, Gojek enables its users to carry out secure payments and request any type of service be it massaging, food delivery or pharmaceutical delivery. Its success prompted a lot of small-scale entrepreneurs to integrate a Gojek clone to optimize their business functioning.

Smart Business Strategies that can be embraced from Gojek.

As mentioned earlier, mobile applications are being significantly optimized for establishing a successful business. So, ensure that the mobile app features a simple yet sleek design with minimal load times.

When we speak about the Gojek app, it features several strategies that ensure the business/ services reaching the user base in every city where the app gets launched. Some of them have been detailed here for enlightenment.

1. An exhaustive yet mandatory Market Research

Every entrepreneur needs to research to optimize their online business. Although the prominence regarding the benefits of mobile apps is on the rise, a mobile app won’t achieve success if it is bland and not innovative. Gojek can be a notable example of a pioneer in terms of offering several services in a single pack. The team behind Gojek carried out research to find where their competitors failed. Thereby combining research and innovation in a business model will guarantee of warm acceptance by the people.

2. Encompassing a multitude of services

It is better if more than one service is being offered via a mobile app in terms of profitableness. More income is generated with the increase in the user base as well. If we take an example where the user is a tourist and wants to get food delivered, book rooms as well as a taxi. Here the tripper has no option but to use several apps. Encompassing all services in a single platform saves time and effort of that person. Gojek followed this novel approach, and the rest is history.

3. Opting for a Cost-Effective Solution

Rather than spending a considerable amount of money on developing an app from scratch, a better option will be to go for a Gojek clone that comes with a fresh design, ultra-good performance and 100% customization. Speaking of customization, one can refine and fine-tune the entire business model as based on the preferences and business needs. Customization involves cleverly leveraging the power of creativity to gain a competitive edge in the market.

4. Integrating the latest technologies

Technology is getting highly advanced with time, and it is tied in with the fate of every existing business. For better results, the business model must be infused with cutting edge technology. With the help of mobile apps, everything is managed in relatively few clicks. A lot of intricate work like real-time tracking and performance analysis is accomplished and viewed in a matter of minutes.

5. Featuring a robust Admin Panel

Managing an online business needs every entrepreneur to meticulously develop and design the admin panel. It is because an admin panel is vital to seamlessly take care and monitor every operation from the management level.


If you want to get massive amounts of income from the business perspective, then it can be achieved by being careful in selecting the best current market that is very promising in terms of revenue. Plunging into a Gojek like business is the best move at present. The strategies mentioned in this article will help you a lot in infusing every essential aspect accurately in your business for sure.

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