Ultimate Considerations and Questions to Ask for Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Ultimate Considerations and Questions to Ask for Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

You know having a mobile app for your business is the need of the hour, and you are also aware of the fact that building a mobile app requires specialized skills and expertise. It would affect your brand image and develop expectations from your business brand. So, you can’t take the development job for your new app easily. To solve the dilemma, you need to hire experts, i.e. a Mobile App Development Company with a strong credential and proven expertise.

How do you start screening among the hundreds of app development companies making lofty claims about expertise, excellence, and so on? Well, this is why we are here to explain to you the key considerations when hiring an app development company.


Developer with a Keen Interest in Your Business

You need to take onboard a mobile app development company that shares some interest in your business niche. At least, he must have some ideas and experience about how the business works and the key opportunities and constraints of the business. Don’t take onboard developers who are ready to say “Yes” to every question you ask without really being able to go deeper into things.

A Superb Portfolio

This is where most of the tall claims really turn to the ground and get smashed. The portfolio of apps the developers or the development company built before will give you a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses. The app portfolio offers hands-on proof of how the claims of the company really match its output and track record. You also need to look for similar apps of your niche that has been built by the development company.

Can You Work with the Company for Years?

While you may consider building a mobile app is a one-time job, in reality, it requires continuous development, up keeping and support and without a development company, you cannot maintain an app. An app needs to be updated from time to time to deal with performance issues, to incorporate new features or to mitigate security loopholes. For all of these, your app needs the support and maintenance of the development company. So, when hiring, you have to evaluate whether the development company will stay with you for the entire app lifecycle.

How many clients did they retain over the years?

They might have built some apps for some industry who’s who but in reality they now have none of them onboard. Well, that means they couldn’t retain their quality clients. Then the next question that automatically crops up is that “what makes clients dissatisfied?” or, “what made their clients bid adieu to their original developers?”

Value for Money

The final consideration for choosing among the really credible development companies is the value for money. As most well-known developer brands charge a hefty for app development, you need to weigh their price quote against the value they are offering.

Uncompromising Quality

An app that takes too long to load or just looks too dull on the trendy mobile devices will only bring a bad name to a business brand. This is why, while hiring developers or app development companies, you need unflinching focus on the quality and sophistication. Some measures of sophistication include minimalist design, lean and lightweight development with the quick loading speed, fluid, and effortless navigation and user experience, etc.

You need to evaluate the work of your developers following this standard.


Questions to Evaluate A Mobile App Development Company

When evaluating a mobile app development company and weigh their portfolio, credentials and other parameters, ask them the following questions.

What is the breakdown of the app development, design and post-development cost for the respective app? Here are some of the key cost components for an app development project.

● App Development Cost for iOS and Android platforms and the backend?
● The development cost for the Admin Panel.
● Design & prototyping cost.
● Support, Maintenance and Bug fixing cost.
● Extra development cost incorporating change in orders.
● Hosting cost.

Can you build a fully elaborate prototype of the entire project to ensure that the development job is doing nicely?

What is the technology stack for the project, including tools, language, and third-party libraries?

What about the app documentation? Do you offer clients documentation for the app in case your company leaves our project?

What kind of scope you provide to clients for interactions with the developers when the project is still in progress. How value additions and interactions on the part of clients are accommodated in the project?

How will the project manager update about the progress of development? What kind of tools will be used for communication during the development process?

How is the intellectual property right for the finished app protected and handed over to the clients? How is the intellectual property given safeguard?

How the company ensures keeping the project confidential? What safeguards are used by the company for this?

What kind of UI/UX development approach is the company specialized with? How lean and lightweight the app will be in look and feel? How intuitively and effortlessly users will be able to engage with the app?

What coding standard the development company follows? Does it ensure lean coding devoid of all irrelevant code lines? Does it offer thoroughly documented, well organized and easy to understand the code?


Well, all the key considerations, along with the prescribed questions that you need to ask developer companies before hiring them will give you a clear idea of the key aspects of hiring a mobile app development company.

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Mushavvirkhan Balooch is a Digital Marketing Expert at Square Root Solutions, Leading Mobile App Development Company in Dublin, Ireland. Tailored and Proficient Android, iPhone, AR & VR, iOT Apps Development & IT consultancy. More than 4 years of experience in Mobile App Developing and delivered quality app development to the clients globally. Square Root Solutions have always worked beyond the client’s expectation and offered the best quality for their IDEA.

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