The Hottest Trends in Design of Mobile Apps For 2019

The Hottest Trends in Design of Mobile Apps For 2019

The design is simple and at the same time very difficult. Many mobile applications with amazing concepts and functionality fail because they have a terrible plan. It is one of the most underrated aspects of mobile application development. If you want to avoid such a mistake, start creating your next mobile application, taking into account the trends that will rule in the design of 2019.

Gestures change the rules of the game

Gestures are small movements that you make when working with a mobile application; these include “tap,” “swipe” and tapping on the screen. A good example is the prolonged retention of a finger on an application element to select it.

However, such gestures are comprehensive and somewhat old school. You need to innovate your applications by adding new ways to use gestures.

For example, you can add a reaction to hand gestures and facial expressions, using the front camera of a mobile device. Such gestures can also speed up the application as a whole and interest the user.

The technology you can wear is the future

Mobile devices are no longer limited to smartphones. This concept covers a variety of methods, among which there are those that one can wear on oneself. There are plans to sell more than 170 million units of goods next year to wear on the wrist. For simplicity, we will only talk about smartwatches.

Like smartphones, smart watches also need applications that the user can access. Compared with the design of mobile apps, the design of intelligent watch applications is minimalist. At the same time, your goal is to provide as much functionality as possible on a small space.


New Material Design

Whatever you see in the application, whether it is the color palette, the font of the text, the placement of each element – in general it is Material Design. In the theme of the way, the app looks and feels like the applied design of the material design.

Applications around the world use many types of design, and as a result, they annoy users. If you can offer something new and exciting, users will adore you. Try to think broader and create a personalized design of the application, instead of mixing two or three ready-made sets.

Text design will rule the day

The presentation of the text is perhaps the most ignored section of application design, but it will become one of the hottest trends in 2019. Imagine that you used Comic Sans MS in the application for the rental of hunting equipment or Old English Font in demand for kindergarten. It will be a disaster. That is why the design of the text is of great importance. It creates a sense of what services the application provides.

1.Minimalism : simplicity at the head of the mobile applications design 2019

Most modern mobile application designers advocate the idea of simple and minimal.

The main features of minimal design:

  • Functionality
  • Typography
  • Contrast
  • Correct composition
  • Clearly defined hierarchy
  • Lots of space
  • Refusal of decorative elements

In 2019, the trend of minimalism will continue to gain popularity. By removing unnecessary from the interface, you can simplify navigation in the application; make it more understandable and convenient.

The main task is not to lose focus on the pursuit of simplicity. The main thing is not to overstep the line beyond which a clean, harmonious interface turns into a primitive one.

2.Semi-flat design : aesthetics requires another dimension

When it comes to graphic, flat design is very trendy in mobile and web design for several years, but in 2019 this trend will take on a new shape.

The half-flat style provides visual maturity of the design due to the additional layers and semitones. They can form simplified gradient shadows, creating a full plan.

This style looks good in animation, as every layer can move separately. For typography in such applications, the sans serif font is perfect, which echoes the trend of minimalism.

Due to the high popularity of the trend of flat design, it is not an easy task to win the endorsement of users’ work in a new style. Nevertheless, the game is worth the candle: a half-flat design can help to reduce download time and make navigation in the application much more convenient.

3.Functional animation : the importance of fine details

The animation in the design of mobile application interfaces has already become a common trend, but in 2019, visual effects become more functional.

Tasks of animation:

  • Revive the interface and give the user more control over the application
  • Speed up interaction with different levels of the menu, highlighting additional features
  • Simplify getting started with new users.

4.Natural Experience (NE) : there is more intuition about apps.

A convenient and understandable mechanism for working with an app (UX), which remains the regular basis for interactive design, will become even more intuitive in 2019. A relatively new concept, called Natural Experience will allow users to immerse themselves fully in the work of the app, which will require designers in 2019 to elaborate interfaces.

For an application to succeed, it must meet the following NE criteria:

  • easy user identification and personal data security
  • protection against unauthorized access to the app through face recognition or fingerprint.

The feeling of human-human interaction, and not a human-computer – the application must communicate with the user voices of people. More often for this purpose will attract professional actors.

Ease of use – all transitions between different tasks should be intuitive.

Special attention to detail – more time is to allocate for testing on real users to improve usability.

A simple example of intuitive interaction is to draw a heart on the screen to evaluate something. There will be more examples alike in 2019 when designers use advanced tools.

5.Outdoor Design : Trend of Unlimited Design

Outdoor design is a reception in design that allows you to increase the size of the smartphone screen visually, leaving part of the image off-screen and inviting users to move it in different directions. The new generation of smartphones and current design create broad prospects for the formation of large photos.

The outdoor design helps to warm up the user’s interest, providing more interactive features and creating an immersive effect.

6.Bright colors, gradients, and their combinations : the bolder, the better

Many designers have already begun the transition from a calm tone to a more saturated one. Approaching the year 2019, we see that bold and bright colors capture all the new aspects of application design.

The usage of gradients and halftones gives designers room for improvisation both in creating the main interface elements and in drawing icons. Spectacular, eye-catching details of the interface assist the user and create a positive.

7.Priority + menu : the future without “hamburgers.”

For many applications, the “hamburger” menu has long become the default option and has already managed to annoy. Also, the screens of smartphones are growing, and getting to the upper left corner is getting increasingly hard.

Therefore, responsive “Priority +” menu or tabbed menu replaced the “hamburger.” The dynamic design of this template provides a more stable hierarchy of menu parts and is suitable for screens of different sizes and with varying options of scaling.


After analyzing the new trends and trends in the design of mobile applications, it is safe to say that in 2019 many interesting solutions await us that will appeal to both minimalists and strange people.

On the one hand, minimalists will be able to find fresh ideas in a semi-flat design, and there will be an opportunity to improve user interaction with the application thanks to an updated tabbed menu.

At the same time, lovers of bright colors and graphics will be able to realize their potential in solutions entirely with an outdoor design and natural user experience. Besides, our designers will continue to create great applications for you, the plan of which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Therefore, this was my list of the main trends of 2019 in terms of mobile application design. If you want to implement something like this in your application or learn more about current trends, I advise you to talk with experienced designers.

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