How to Develop a Bike Taxi App

How to Develop a Bike Taxi App

On-demand bicycle taxi apps are the latest alternative to urban commutes. They are becoming popular in the bustle of crowded cities, such as Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and more.

It is praised as a less expensive and quicker option for booking taxis. Bike taxi application development solution is now a lucrative investment strategy for businesses.

The ease of riding bicycles in crowded traffic, the low incomes of a growing middle-class family, and lower riding rates are the primary factors determining achievement in the Asia Pacific Taxi Market.

Statista estimates that the ride-hailing industry’s revenues are projected to grow at an annual increase of 11.02 per cent. The anticipated market size will increase to US$392,580 by 2025. It will include 48% of the total revenues generated through online sales.

This growing market for bicycle taxi software is a call for a piece that delves deep into the tried and tested, and proven method to create a top-quality bike taxi application.

Let’s quickly get started!

How Does A Bike Taxi App Work?

After you have successfully registered with the app, The bike taxi application operates in three easy steps:

  1. The passenger can enter a pickup and drop-off place.

(Views estimated travel costs at the arrival time)

  1. Taps on ‘Book a Ride’

(Passenger gets the driver’s information on the estimated cost of the trip along together with the date of the arrival)

(The biker agrees to the ride request and arrives at the pickup location)

  1. When the ride is over, the passenger must pay the bike rider using the m-wallet, card, or cash.

(The passenger can rate and evaluate the overall experience)

Top Market Players of Bike Taxi App


A ride-on-demand taxi and bike booking app that provides transportation services and delivery for businesses and customers. Gojek founded it in Jakarta (Indonesia). Gojek is also well-known for providing service-based delivery of food grocery items, packages, and other food items.

Note: It could be your second USP if you are looking for ways to improve the development of your bike taxi app solution.


Rapido is the most popular bike taxi application that is available on equally Android and iOS application platforms. With features such as GPS insurance, secure rides live tracking, real-time monitoring, multiple payment options, and many other features, Rapido has established a dominant presence in street corners of India. Rapido was founded by a group of people in Bangalore (India) in India and is currently operating in over 100 cities, with over 25 million applications downloaded.

Ola Bikes

Ola Bikes application is one of the well-known services for ride-hailing in India that provides a secure ride with top-of-the-line features like numerous payment options, including Ola money live tracking and secure OTP for each ride and ride scheduler, corporate rides, and much more.


UberMoto is a unique personal bicycle service that Uber launched. It lets users rent scooters or bikes, match shorter distances between points A to B, and offers last-mile connectivity.


Safeboda is an African-based on-demand taxi booking application based on the ethical and social goals of safety, confidence, reliability, and trust among passengers and drivers. It is compatible with Android and iOS apps SafeBoda app SafeBoda app offers a secure, convenient, and mobile-first option for transport in Africa’s growing population.

The Must-Have Features in a Bike Taxi Software

Three major parties are involved in developing the bike taxi application solution that makes the ride-booking process easy and seamless for both driver and rider.

  1. Rider/Passenger App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Panel

Rider/Passenger App

1. Easy Onboarding

The rider must be able to sign up quickly via their mobile number, Facebook accounts, and email.

2. Request a Ride

Riders can reserve a ride with just the tap of a button, i.e. just by entering the pickup and drop-off place.

3. Maps

Integrate maps to provide live tracking of routes, location visibility, and coordination of pickup and drop-off places.

4. Multiple Payments Mode

Customers should have various payment options like cards, cash, digital wallets, and UPI payments.

5. Push Notifications

Riders should be able to receive real-time notifications for changes such as driver arrival, reaching promotions, offers, etc.

6. Trip History

Allow users to review the prior booking history that they made using the app.

7. Contact Driver

Riders should be able to call the driver to arrange pickup coordination.

8. Rate and Review

Allowing user feedback on the application will increase the percentage of positive reviews and improve engagement.

9. Offers and Promos

Promo and offer codes encourage users to book rides. It is a great way to increase the number of application installs and bookings.

Driver App Features

1. Easy Registration

The driver’s license must contain an inventory of all required documents, such as scans of the driver’s license, a photo of car insurance, etc.

2. Set Active Status

Allow drivers to be full-time or part-time and take a break whenever they’d like. It can be accomplished by allowing them to set their current status using toggles offline/online.

3. GPS Navigation

A successful pickup and drop-off can only happen when the driver arrives at the right time. Thanks to the integration of GPS tracking, it can let drivers track customers’ optimal pickup and drop-off routes using live maps.

4. Track Earnings

A certain specific income goal drives drivers. Tracking their weekly or daily earnings can help them establish their financial goals and increase their productivity to meet targets.

5. View Ratings

Ratings are considered to assess the performance of the Admin and the driver. After every trip, as passengers rate the driver on their experience, Drivers should be given the option of reviewing the individual ratings submitted by the specific individual or trip.

Admin App Features

1. Interactive Dashboard

The administrator should have a birds-eye overview of all ongoing rides, earnings total, and the number of active riders and drivers via an online dashboard.

2. Manage Drivers

Administrators can add or remove drivers, check their details, send personal messages, or send messages for all drivers.

3. Manage Customers

Administrators can deactivate or activate customers, gain access to their contact information, book an appointment, or send them text messages.

4. Manage Notifications

The administrator should be able to handle the notifications issued to passengers and drivers.

5. Manage Offers

Administrators can make promotions, offers, codes and discounts, and incentives for rides referred to.

6. Manage Reviews

The administrator can review reviews made by riders and take actions regarding them, such as reading them the review, responding to it, or removal.

7. Manage Earnings

The administrator can review all earnings per day, monitor the method of payment, and review earnings earned by specific drivers.

Total Cost To Develop A Bike Taxi App Development Solution

The cost of designing and maintaining the software for managing bikes can range from USD 20 000to USD 40,000.

However, many aspects determine the price of developing an app. Mobile apps that are serious require a solid conceptual basis and a strong environment that includes top talent in design, project planning, and engineering. So, the real cost of bicycle taxi app development can be divided into various phases through companies that develop taxi application development firms.

The actions that have significant cost break-ups are:

  • Management and planning of projects
  • Prototype development for UI/UX and design
  • iOS along with Android application development
  • Testing and quality assurance

The most crucial base for preparing for these issues and creating a successful taxi app is conducting your homework. Ensure that your app can be viewed in the long and short term. According to the research, plan your app’s development strategies.


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