How to Develop feature Rich an App like Uber

How to Develop feature Rich an App like Uber

To establish a taxi app, it is very much crucial to be with the trend by entrepreneurs as well as enterprises alike. Motivated and inspired from Uber Success, various times we get a request for developing an app like Uber from established startups, transport owners and fleet companies, who are looking for expansion of their taxi businesses in various cities across the globe.

Taxi Booking App Development

Uber is the trendsetter when it comes to revolutionizing the life of riders by offering all the services which give the comfort of as a personal car reducing the worries of repairs, parking space constraints and ownership.

Are you planning to develop an Uber like app solution?

Well, that’s pretty much important that if you are looking forward to developing a taxi booking app, then you must be aware with some its features and aspects which successfully drives an app like Uber.

In case of having no ideas about the designing segment of the app, you must go for hiring an app development company at your service.

Taxi booking app like Uber comes with a combo of two mobile applications and admin dashboard, in which one is Passenger app for booking the ride and tracking the cab, and other is for the drivers which can be used for accepting the ride request for a journey from the passengers.

Features of Passenger App:-

  • Manages the personal information.
  • Texting and calling right from the app.
  • To give rating and reviews to a driver.
  • Estimation of fare and discounts though applying the coupon code.
  • Managing personal information.
  • Marking the exact pick location through the map using the inbuilt GPS integration.
  • To book the cab as per the need and track the movement on the app integrated map.
  • An option of splitting the bill online with Travellers and have automatic execution of payment.

Features of driver app:-

  • Can view details of trip’s date, location, time and details of a passenger.
  • A navigation system of google for smooth pick and drop.
  • Auto calculation fare feature along with waiting time stopwatch.
  • Statistics based on reports related to trip completion and earnings.

5 Accepting/Declining cab request.

  • Driver account details with dashboard panel.
  • Panel to view cab request.
  • GPS activation upon Login.

Moreover, there are few features like in-app messenger and profile editing, secure login and push notification which are common in the driver as well as passengers app.

Website based Admin Panel:-

  • It is the master control dashboard which allows the admin to operate and manage the registered drivers and customers.
  • Registration of new drivers and taxis.
  • Managing all the registered customers and drivers.
  • Releasing quick statistics of a trip.
  • Manage finance and logistics.

 Development of an app similar to Uber

The cost based on the clone of taxi app solutions depends upon what features you require and what plan you are implementing as per your business needs and market demand along with the specifications, designs and user experience.

Taxi app functionalities can be developed in such a way that can be accepted by the local customers and can meet their expectations and demand. The final cost depends upon the time which takes for implementing crucial features like payment gateway integration, communication and notifications, geolocation service, GPS routing and rating and reviewing the user profile and registration. The price also varies as per the development based on the development of apps on relevant platforms like (Android, iOS and Windows) as per your demand.

It is very much challenging to give the exact cost of development as there are various factors which affect the cost and can’t predict without knowing all the requirement for an app as an approximate price for developing an app like uber straightly depends upon the functionalities you want to add through your developers.

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