Instagram Clone Script for Your Reliable Social Media App

Instagram Clone Script for Your Reliable Social Media App

Instagram clone script is a popular source code and used to create many secure and reliable social media mobile applications. With using Instagram clone script, anyone can easily create Instagram like application that can be customized and personalized according to the customer needs and requirements.

Using Instagram clone script, various Instagram clone apps can be created with customized features like business profile, general profile, Instagram profile for celebrities, follow and un-follow features, and so on. If you want to create an Instagram-like app to connect people, chat, use innovative filters and just have fun, then Instagram clone script is the best source code to recreate Instagram-like application.  Snipofeed is a reliable and secure social media app created by using Instagram clone script, and it can be further modified and personalized according to the customer needs. Here are some key features that are exclusively designed using the Instagram clone.

Easy Login

Apps created using Instagram clone script are easy to sign up and login; it can be customized based on your business needs as well. People can easily signup using mail id or phone number, and simple ways to log in are using Google, Facebook, and so on.

Share Photos and Videos

Instagram app is known for sharing photos, and same can be recreated using the Instagram clone script, pictures and video sharing is just one click away, and it can only be liked or viewed by the people that users give permission. The pictures can be edited within the app; there is no need for a separate editing app.

Fun Filters

Many innovative and unique filters can be added into the Instagram clone apps, these can be tailored specially for the needs of the customer and what kind of filters they want to be added, this app can easily handle innovative and complicated Instagram filters.

Activity on the App

The activity log feature allows the user to view all the activities they did on the app like who they followed and who followed them. This will give an insight on who liked your posts and what trends or hashtags you were following and liking this week.


Push notifications are an essential feature on any social media app, and they allow users to not to miss relevant posts from the people they follow, they can also get notifications when people follow, like, message and tag. These notifications are essential to bringing back the users into the app.

Profile Settings

The Instagram clone app allows editing and framing the profile according to the user’s liking; you can add a bio, a profile picture and add your website and blogs in the profile. There two types of profile setup one is general, and another is the business profile. The celebrity and verified profile can be set up as well.

Snipofeed is an Instagram clone app that created with all the above features and more and can be modified and personalized according to the business needs of the customer. It is a reliable and straightforward social media app and ready to launch a market solution and can be custom-made for customers’ needs.

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