Guidelines On Developing A Successful Instagram Clone Script – Photo and Video Sharing Mobile Application

Guidelines On Developing A Successful Instagram Clone Script – Photo and Video Sharing Mobile Application

Irrespective of whether it is a unique snap or a random click, people from across the globe try to capture pictures and upload them on a social networking photo-sharing app like Instagram so that these images reach every friend of theirs. Speaking of Instagram, with time, the app has gained immense popularity by providing unique features.

It has also found more fame due to some powerful features like Stories Highlights, Examine Page, Shoppable Post and the YouTube competitor called IGTV.

It is a notable exemplar of a simple, elegant and straightforward to use configuration/design.

Besides, digital enterprises have found value in the photo/video sharing mobile application, seeing that it encompasses several smaller businesses.

So how does Instagram help as a photo-sharing business?

(a) It can act as an eCommerce Gateway and in particular what is known as ” Social Commerce “. Seeing that these photo-sharing apps keep the user base engaged, it creates ways for enterprises to exhibit their outputs to the engaged consumers, and it helps as an extra income generator.

(b) It can act as a Messenger App where the instant and direct messages bond the users with other users. One can also optimize the engagement factor via emojis, photos, videos and by creating groups.

(c) It can connect with customers over a multitude of channels, and this will enhance the cross-channel engagement

(d) One of the advantages associated with Instagram photos is that there is vast and high engaging traffic.

So now coming to the next question, what are the essential things to contemplate when developing an app like Instagram.

Essential Things to Consider While Building an Instagram Mobile App:

It is evident that the basic version of your Instagram like app comprises only of a photo-sharing and posting feature. However, with the integration of trading and vibrant UI/UX design, you are impressing and enthralling your users. Keep in mind to feature the following, namely.

1. Personalized Feed

2. Stunning Visuals and Graphics

3. The best UI/UX designs

4. Smooth and User-Friendly Navigation and

5. A powerful photo uploading feature.

Now what exactly are the features of an app like Instagram?

Registration/Authorization: Signup / Sign in via social media accounts or email id and profile creation

Edit Profile: Adding, removing and editing the profile details.

Posting Photos: The most crucial feature where photos once snapped get uploaded with places, people, hashtags, GIFs and lots more

Timeline: This cool feature is to follow, like, comment and share the media files in contacts and groups included.

Social features: The ability to share posts or request friends from social networks, including Facebook.

Photo Editing: Another equally important feature where you can crop, rotate and apply amazing filters to the photos and videos to create an enjoyable experience.

Location Service: Getting geo-location location based on the pictures snapped.

Chat Messenger: The ability to carry out direct messaging and share videos, images, locations and lots more.

Push-notifications: Getting updated regarding the latest posts, feeds, chats and followers/following.

Search/Filters: A feature that inputs username, first name, hashtags and posts description to search smartly.

When it comes to developing such a photo-sharing application, the cost-factors include the advanced features, great in-depth design, the mobile operating systems, the choice between native and hybrid app development and last but not least, outsourcing the development work.


Now is the period of social networking platforms and possessing one similar to Instagram will significantly help in optimizing your social media business if you want to make a mark in it. It is both beneficial as it appeases to the users, and it generates excellent profits for you.

If you are interested, you can immediately get a cost-effective photo/video sharing mobile application developed by the team at Instagramcloneapps.

We feature a robust Instagram clone script that encompasses stunning new features not seen in Instagram like

(i) 30 seconds Reel feature

(ii) Photo to Video Converter

(iii) Smart photo-based search

(iv) HD Audio/Video Calling Feature

Our team understands that your app must offer special features and vibrant design to make it unique and one of a kind in the market that is filled with competitors.

We deal efficiently with all the steps starting from Research, Wireframing, Design & Development to Testing and Deployment. We will also provide post maintenance support.

Rest assured we will focus on developing an exceptional Instagram clone that speaks of excellent worth.

Author Bio:

PrawinChandru is the talented and cognizant co-founder at the Canadian based technology company, Instagramcloneapps. He is actively involved in Sales and Marketing, and his areas of interest include the likes of Internet of Technology, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services.

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