Magento Developer to Create An e-commerce Site

Magento Developer to Create An e-commerce Site

The phenomenon of online sales has grown tremendously over the past 20 years. The first choice to make is to choose the best CMS to develop your online sales site. Indeed, an e-commerce site must meet specific needs. Aware of the demand, Magento is one of the solutions brought by the Americans in 2008 to revolutionize the world of online sales. With now, nearly 20,000 active merchant sites, Magento is one of the most use CMS across the world. world. This notoriety is justified because of its many advantages. It should note that the main mission of this platform is to facilitate the creation of a personalize e-commerce store.

Everything you need to know about Magento

Known as CMS (Content Management System), it is an open-source solution dedicate to content management. It is intend only for the sale of products online. This tool, therefore, makes it possible to create a site from scratch easily and quickly. It has a host of different features design to simplify the user experience. Its main strength is the existence of a huge community of Magento developers who contribute to the evolution of the platform.

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An active and powerful community

The existence of a large community is a guarantee of performance and quality for a CMS. It generally brings many advantages, namely:

  • Security through the management and correction of system vulnerabilities
  • Support by providing help to other Internet users through forums, blogs and videos
  • Features thanks to the development of several plug-ins
  • Longevity by participating in the development of the tool over the years
  • Magento developers involve in the community

Impressive ease of use

Unlike other e-commerce website builder tools, Magento remains the easiest platform to use. As it is open-source, several alternatives of flexibility and scalability are available to you to develop your business. Its main advantage lies in its cost which is completely free. It presents an intuitive administration panel to simplify handling and configuration. This is why a large number of entrepreneurs and developers opt for this platform. Its use does not imply programming language skills. This tool was design to be accessible to everyone.

Lots of cool features

By opting for this tool, the owner of an online store can see his income increase and his business improve. Indeed, the platform is equip with a system for managing catalogs of products, orders and customers. It is capable of supporting up to 500,000 items and handling 80,000 orders per hour. It can also be responsible for modifying the content as well as the appearance of the site. Magento also has an integrate payment and shopping cart system on the store. Features such as reporting and analysis are available there to closely monitor the development of your business.

Magento has a promotion management system to meet specific needs. These include discounts, baskets, coupons, and shipping costs. It ensures to maximize the conversion in order to reduce the risk of cart abandonment thanks to its optimize conversion funnels.

A personalize e-commerce site

All entrepreneurs and developers have a wide choice regarding the personalization of the merchant site through more than 1000 extensions available. This tool is able to administer a multitude of products thanks to its import and navigation system. The platform can now adapt to any type of screen (tablet and smartphone) to improve its accessibility.

With this tool, you also have the possibility to create a multilingual site. This feature allows you to extend your coverage area. Several online stores can develop in parallel to meet precisely each type of market. Its other strong point is its flexibility. Indeed, it is quite feasible to modify several parameters so that the site corresponds to your needs. As a result, things like appearance, attributes, theme as well as back-office structure can transform. The Magento developer configures the entire platform in order to make it optimal for business and user-friendliness.

An optimize reference thanks to SEO friendly

Now, the visibility of a web page is very important for its success. This is why SEO should not be neglect. In the case of Magento, you can rest assured since its sites are generally optimized to appear in the results of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Several powerful SEO tools are available on the platform to increase traffic and generate more income for your online store.

Complete management of the Magento site on 360 °

These CMS dedicate to online stores is able to perform several tasks such as:

  • The calculation of the shipping costs
  • Configuring shipping methods
  • The management of deliveries
  • Order tracking
  • Creating invoices

Impressive technological innovations

The developers of the e-commerce giant never stop listening to users. That is why they keep bringing several touches of innovation to meet more precisely the needs of Internet users. From now on, it is possible to make online purchases without the intervention of hands. Indeed, in order to facilitate access to e-commerce, the disable can now place orders through the web.

The active Magento community is also concern about the user experience, especially in terms of mobile payment. It’s important to note that frictions and distractions in the checkout process can decrease sales. This phenomenon can even lead to the bankruptcy of your business. As a result, new technology has been put in place to provide a solution to this problem. This is an option offering merchants access to a secure and transparent checkout, thus improving transactions.

Magento reputation internationally

It should be noted that since 2016, this CMS has capture a very large share of the market. Different big brands around the world use this tool to manage their online stores. We can cite among others: Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, Nespresso, Nestle, Louboutin and others.

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