Mobile App Development Agency in London

Mobile App Development Agency in London

The entire world is hooked on Mobile, if you are the one then make sure to acknowledge some of the most important statistics we are going to discuss in this article.

Acquiring extensive knowledge and thorough experience over the years, we established the android app development company in London. Mobile app users are rapidly making a move towards 3D experience. We have comprehended the advancement in mobile app development services in London.

As the mobile app industry is thriving to become optimum, the mobile tabs got doubled over the 6 years to 1.35 billion. People spend over 90% of the time utilizing applications. Your task does not end at building an application, the real work starts after development. A strategy to monetize the application.

However, a real question comes at the downloads, we have researched and found out that across the globe Google Play Store is beating App store by 11%.

It is fascinating to know that 24.5 % of people like to download games, while 10% of people are keen to install business-oriented applications from the iOS App Store. Whereas in Google Play Store, Tools, Communication and Video players have grabbed top 3 rankings.

This figure suggests that users are open to experimenting with new tools and services rather using the default applications.

Mobile application churn and Being the leading android app development company in London, we gather up the information about which applications are people from the age of 18 to 32 using and we found out amazing info facts about it.

To your surprise it is not social media or any gaming application that most people use, rather e-commerce giant amazon has covered 35% of users’ smartphones with their application install.

Gmail is behind the amazon with 30% of installations across the globe. Finally, in the third position, we have found Facebook with 29% of app installations.

Behaviour changes as per the location, this theory applies in android app development to acquire the knowledge which country is currently thriving in mobile usage.

The results we came across is astonishing, since, in India average user manage 22+ apps in their phones and keep around 60+ mobile applications in their smartphone devices.


The future of mobile phone is blazing with numerous mobile applications launches every day. This is where the mobile app growth has been reached over the years. Being the leading mobile app development services in London we are optimistic about the upcoming advancement in Android and iOS application development brings.

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