Revitalizing Your Taxi Business With a Uber Clone Solution

Revitalizing Your Taxi Business With a Uber Clone Solution

Uber has digitized taxi booking and tasted astounding success primarily due to the simplicity in availing services and the highly satiated customers. Here are some Tips about Uber Clone.

If you want to enter the taxi booking business or if you are already in one, then an Uber clone app will be the best fit as it will be the best solution for all the trace related hurdles. It will pave the way for secure bookings via mobile-phones and most importantly, a customer-centric business functioning which made the original Uber achieve such colossal success.

By wielding the power of a clone script, you can significantly reduce the time and cost involved in the development of a highly scalable Uber-like app that comes with new and state-of-the-art features.

So, let’s now see how an Uber clone works.

(i) Riders request for a ride by choosing the pickup and drop off points. Next, they select the option based on the fare for the trip and the cost type.

(ii) The app then locates drivers in the vicinity where the driver base can opt to accept or reject the request. If a given driver declines the offer, it gets immediately diverted to a nearby driver

(iii) Payments get automatically deducted once the ride ends and this is done by smartly using credit/debit cards, PayPal and other sorts of digital wallet accounts.

(iv) Ratings are inputted post the ride, and this feedback will help other users to choose that given driver for their next trip.

Thus, with a few clicks, the riders are entirely satiated with the ride arriving at their doorsteps. For providing more worth, there should be the incorporation of several features which are based on the user needs.

Let’s now take a glimpse at the features of an Uber-like app

Rider features in an app like Uber

Registration: The users can sign in via email, mobile numbers and social media.

Taxi Booking: Riders can book a taxi by selecting the pickup and drop-off locations along with the type of the car.

Smart Fare Calculator: This will calculate the fare for the ride based on the distance, the car type, the traffic, the waiting time and the price of the gas/fuel.

Ride Tracking: This feature provides the estimated time of arrival and the real-time tracking of the driver.

Chatting & Calling: To communicate with the driver

Travel History: To show a wealth of information regarding the previous rides and payments.

Ride Cancellation: For cancelling a ride within the given time

Split Payment: To facilitate payment during ride-sharing

Schedule for Later: For booking a trip in prior

Drivers features in an Uber-like app

Driver Profile / Status: Complete driver information, including license and car insurance. Also, to show the status of driver availability.

Trip Alert:  Notifications to accept or decline a given ride, along with information on the location, route, and rider.

Push Notifications: Notifications when the ride starts, trip changes and end of the journey.

GPS Route Optimization: For displaying the shortest trip route using Google Maps.

Reports: For complete insight regarding trips and revenue on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Chatting and Calling: For communicating with a rider via the app.

Other advanced features include Waiting Time (Where the rider is charged if the waiting time exceeds 5 minutes) and Next Ride (Where another ride is accepted when completing the present journey)

Admin features in an Uber-like app

For the Admin to manage the riders along with the drivers and the total system, there is the need for some features, namely.

1. Customer and Driver Details Management

2. Booking Management

3. Location and Fares Management

4. Communication

5. Promotions and Offers / Discounts

6. Payroll and Content Management

7. Customer Support and Help

Uber Clone

COVID-19 related safety features

Amidst the raging COVID-19 pandemic, it will be significant and beneficial if your Uber clone app features the best in terms of safety for both the drivers and rider base. The following features are mandatory to be integrated with the taxi booking app solution.


Whenever a driver begins the ride, he/she must snap a real-time selfie to ascertain that the driver is wearing a mask and verify other details related to the body temperature and sanitization procedures followed. The driver can only start the ride after everything is confirmed.

Further, the rider must also comply with taking a selfie by wearing a mask and only then will they be given the ride.

(b)COVID-19 Tracker

Incorporating a COVID-19 tracker will help drivers/ riders to track COVID-19 infected people in the vicinity and also in furnishing the total count in the area they are travelling to. With the help of this feature, the drivers have the choice to accept or decline a ride.

(c) Cancellation with no fee

Should the driver feel that the ride destination isn’t safe, then they have the option to cancel the ride with no cancellation fee incurred. The COVID-19 tracker will play an integral role in helping the driver base regarding this.

Also, if there are more than two people on arrival for a ride, the driver can cancel the trip without any charge.

(d) Ratings and Reviews

Although this feature is already there, it can be fine-tuned to make it ask if the driver has adhered to all the safety norms like face masks, sanitizers and coverings. It is to ascertain the safety, and thereby riders can book a ride with that driver in full confidence.


Now you will have a good idea on how to make a successful Uber clone app that boasts of the best safety standards in this pandemic. For getting this done practically, there is a need for sophisticated technologies, backend development work and other types of intricate work. Our team at Uberdoo has years of experience in wielding advanced technologies to develop robust Uber clone solutions, and we can provide you with the best of specialities in your product to make it an astounding success.

Author Bio:

Vinoth is the multi-talented and proactive entrepreneur based at the Canadian technology company Uberdoo which specializes in clone app solutions like Uber clones. He is actively involved in Sales & Marketing, and his areas of interest include Blockchain Technologies, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

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