The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Do you know that marketing is something that is essential for every company or agency across the globe to run profitably down the line? Yes. Because marketing plays an instrumental role in attracting the interest of one’s potential customers when the former advertise their products or services before the latter. In fact, the definition of marketing emphasizes the exhibition of an organization’s products or services in the best possible way. Now we want to know, are you an eCommerce store owner? Have you been grappling with getting your brand the much-needed attention from its potential consumers? Would you mind if we ask you to do something that will improve your user engagement and boost your sales overall? If not, we would suggest creating a mobile app for your eCommerce brand by teaming up with a top-notch mobile app development company.

Yes. Only when you do that, you will be able to accomplish your organizational goals in terms of sales and engagement very easily. But how can all this become feasible? You might ask. Well, according to a highly-praised mobile app development company on the cloud, individuals spend 90% of their mobile time on various apps. What else? If you pay attention to the average time spent on different mobile applications, they have an edge over mobile websites. And there isn’t any one reason for such an outcome but many. For instance, mobile apps are:

  1. More convenient to use than mobile sites 
  2. More user-friendly than mobile sites 
  3. More nimble to open than mobile sites, especially pages

These are a few reasons why you should get down to eCommerce app development if you are looking to grow your establishment sooner than later. Understood? Now, let’s take a glimpse of:

What are some eCommerce marketing techniques that you must know?

  • Optimize your app listing 

The speed with which the number of ecommerce apps is growing on different platforms, like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is becoming extremely difficult for users to find your app and for you to stand out from your competitors. And that’s the primary reason why ASO or let’s say, App Store Optimization has become more important than ever. So what do you need to do? According to an optimum freelance content writer specializing in creating content for SaaS and marketing agencies, every eCommerce business owner must treat App Store and Play Store as a search engine. Yes. 

What’s more? You should use effective SEO techniques for your app listing so that it becomes visible to users looking for something that your application renders. A case in point here is that if you are developing an app that lets folks take notes, then you must optimize the app listing for multiple keywords, like “app to take notes” or “note taking app.” By doing this, you will be able to target people who have similar interests and make your software visible to them. Please remember, if App Store or Play Store users can’t find your app on respective platforms, you are not going to get any return on your investment. However, if you need any help to build your ecommerce app from scratch, it is a wise decision to hire mobile app developers from a popular IT firm right away.        

  • Use push notifications sparingly

There are multiple experts in the marketing industry who recommend sending notifications to your users to encourage them to use your app and place an order. But do you know what? You need to be careful while implementing this technique because going overboard with push notifications can lead to disastrous results. In fact, as per a leading mobile and web solution provider, 71% of users uninstall mobile applications because of the annoying notifications they receive. So how to deal with such a terrible condition? Well, it will pay off if you ask your prospective buyers to opt in for push notifications and then personalize those notifications based on their interests. For example, you can send an alert:

  1. For discount on a specific product 
  2. When a product is back in stock 

Apart from that, if you need an app first to send notifications to your desired users, you can always collaborate with a top-tier mobile app development company on the internet.  

  • Share relevant content with users

Nowadays everyone use mobile apps to carry out different tasks, like:

  1. Order food
  2. Book ride 
  3. Make payments  

But despite such importance of mobile applications in everyone’s life, people keep uninstalling some or other applications from their smartphones every now and then. The same is the situation with retail apps too. In fact, as per the words of a premier research, data, and insights provider, folks removed retail apps from their phone due to two main reasons:

  1. To free up storage space, i.e., 34%
  2. Because of shopping less with a particular retailer, i.e., 34%

But when it comes to eCommerce software, individuals tend to wait a bit longer. And this is a golden opportunity for eCommerce marketers to yield impressive results from their app marketing plan. Wondering how? Well, the answer is you can share relevant content with your target audience and that begins with developing a clear value proposition. For instance, according to a trusted content marketing strategist, it makes sense to ask your users their top priorities at the time of onboarding and send them notifications centered on enhancing their lifestyle. Once you have done that, you can use that information along with geotargeting to give them precise information that entices them to act on. 

For the unversed, geotargeting refers to a process of targeting visitors on the web with location-suitable content based on their exact geographic location. This method is often used by online businesses to offer a more relevant onsite experience to the concerned people.   

Suppose that you are a garment seller. In that case, you can send a notification in the morning with styling tips for different seasons with a link to a video or blog post. Besides that, if you need assistance to create a fantastic mobile app for your eCommerce brand, please do not forget to hire mobile app developers from an excellent mobile app development firm. 

What are some reasons to focus on eCommerce app development?

  • Loyal customers

There is no denying the fact that a mobile app is a highly optimized and personalized copy of the existing website. Still, this copied item is extremely capable of improving your customers’ experience and facilitating the entire process of acquiring and retaining new buyers. Do you know how? To be frank, when users visit an online store, they are rest assured of picking desired inventories and purchasing them without the hustle and bustle that is often seen in physical stores. And it is why they are highly likely to stick to an eCommerce app rather than an eCommerce website when considering owning different goods or products. So if you want to create a solid loyal audience for your entity, please get a feature-rich app developed by a prominent mobile app development company now.

  • Better efficiency and revenue

As discussed above, mobile apps are immensely user-friendly and flexible. Although eCommerce app development may compel you to break your bank, it is likely to give beyond imagination results in terms of sales once adopted. The chronology is simple – 

  1. A good app with correct concept will bring more shoppers
  2. More shoppers will translate into more orders 
  3. More orders will eventually result in higher earnings

Thus if that is the objective you want to attain in the least possible time, kindly hire mobile app developers to create a smartphone app.  

  • Brand recognition 

You might not be aware of this fact but the truth is that mobile applications play a significant role in establishing a strong connection between brands and clients. For example, some users share links to their favorite products or items on a specific site to their friends or family members, take their feedback, and most importantly, state their overall experience in their social network. Now when you have a social media site-integrated mobile app for your eCommerce store, it will be a breeze for your clientele to discuss your offerings. Please bear in mind that social media sites are some robust tools to:

  1. Build great impression of your brand
  2. Advertise your deliverables 
  3. Attract the attention of your possible patrons

Hence if you want to excel in all these areas immediately, kindly pay heed to eCommerce app development first. 


So if you found this prose to be informative and useful, we hope you would share the acquired details with others too. Aside from that, if you are hunting for a reliable resource to build an eCommerce app for your brand, please get in touch with the reps of the finest mobile app development company now.   

FAQs about eCommerce app development   

What is an eCommerce app?

An eCommerce app is basically a mobile app that comes in handy for online shopping. 

What is the cost of eCommerce app development?

To be honest, the cost of eCommerce app development varies from agency to agency and nation to nation. Below are the average hourly estimates in top software development territories:

USA – $50 to $200

Mexico – $40 to $120

Canada – $50 to $150

India – $25 to $100

Philippines – $25 to $75

Australia – $50 to $125

UK – $50 to $125

How long does it take for eCommerce app development?

According to a well-established mobile app development company, eCommerce app creation can take somewhere between 3 months to 12 months, while a ready-made software can do the same job within 1 week to 3 months which may or may not suit your taste.

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