Tips To Accomplish Quick Success with a Precise Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Tips To Accomplish Quick Success with a Precise Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Since the last few years, it has become more and more clear that mobile applications are the future of all things technology. These applications are slowly changing the world with their edge and ease of access.

Dominant apps are not a stable sight anymore, and this competition has burst out open with potential for all kinds of applications. However, with an increasing number of applications on the market today, how likely is your app marketing strategy to give you those valuable downloads?

Understanding the Statistics

There are many apps on the play store, the app store, and the Amazon app store. Since mobile apps began, there have been an unprecedented number of apps made that expect to do well sooner or later. This has pushed the number way higher:

  • Google Play Store – Around 2.5 Million apps
  • IOS App Store – Around 1.8 Million Apps
  • Amazon App Store – Around half a million apps

Your app may be one of the best there is, but without competitor analysis and a guide to marketing your mobile app, there is little to no chance of success for you. However, that should not put you off from moving ahead and launching.

This means that the mobile app market is a much larger place than you anticipated, and doing well, could be that much better for you. In the next five years, the mobile app industry could rise to become worth a staggering $400 billion. That is a lot of money involved in something created for ease of access.

So now that you know the statistics and figures, how do you proceed with your strategy?

  • Know your Competitors

It is a well-known saying as old as time itself, but it has a ring to it. Before you straight dive into the mobile app market, it is important to categorize a few things. The prime step would be to find the niche or fields synonymous with your app and find close competitors who have been doing well with those parameters.

This will ideally broaden your horizons and prepare you for the number of possibilities that the industry has to offer for you.

Simple competitor analysis will show you various concepts that have been played with. You will gain an insight into what piques an audience’s interest, and further application will help you to use this data to manipulate the same.

Always ensure that your data is being used to make your reach more effective and that there is a noticeable pattern of improvement or it can be time to change something in the process.

  • Know Yourself

Yes, you have an app that you think will perform very well in the market, but what more do you know about your product? Have you asked yourself some key questions about your product? Such as:

  • What is the USP of my app?
  • What makes my app different?
  • What are the strengths of my app?
  • What are the weaknesses of my app?

Identifying these things is essential for using your app and pushing it in the right direction. Once you list these out, you will realize that there are very specific areas that you can target as a part of your efforts.

You can find a way to succeed in mobile marketing by understanding where you can exploit these key areas and use them to your benefit.

For example, maybe your app has a USP that has been unexplored directly in the market. This means that you can be a trendsetter for your app field, given that you can connect with the right people.

If you have a key demographic and usage analysis in mind, you can understand who will see your app and, more importantly, who would like to see your app.

  • Offer a solution, not just an Application

No one is going to download an app simply because you tell them to. The average mobile user sees various apps in a day, but there are very few that they decide to download. This is your conversion rate, and it needs to be high.

Even with an initially limited reach, you can significantly impact people by having a killer marketing plan. If someone comes across your app and sees it as a solution to a problem that they are facing, why won’t they download it?

Sometimes you have to create a demand. You did not know how much you wanted to order food online till famous food delivery partners came.

No one could relate to a want to order food online, so they created a demand that focused on your favorite food delivered to you instead. Similarly, you have to play along the right lines to make the customer desire your product.

  • Create your Fanbase

One of the best tips for mobile marketing success is that there should be a following before your product has even hit the ground. To hit the ground running requires a lot of pre-marketing on your part that can create the right kind of excitement. Here are a few effective approaches and ways to do that:

  • Use Alpha and Beta versions to have a group of people who are confident about your app and will pass their confidence on.
  • Pre-market it in such a way that there is an excitement for your app to be released.
  • Invest in the word of mouth marketing that has an effective message good enough to make people curious

Your app should have that sense of exclusivity that makes other people want to be a part of it. People tend to like what they can’t have, so you can even have a limited number of users or have invites to join your app.

But before rolling your app out fully, you will want to ensure that you are equipped to deal with all possible scenarios. When your engagement is good, people will be led to you, but it is up to you to convert them. Your core content has to be strong enough before anything else.

Key Takeaways

If you are confident about all these factors at the end of the day, you have to remember that there are an almost infinite number of fish in the sea competing with you. There is no way to have a full-proof plan that ensures the success of mobile marketing strategies.

Keep making necessary changes and stay persistent to ensure success. Many apps were not initial hits, but their hard work and persistence gave them huge rewards. Sometimes, people are not ready for what your app has to offer. So make sure that you are there, getting them curious, and be sure to be there when they are invested in what you are offering.

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